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Iris Energy to double hash rate in 2024 with $22M Bitmain T21 mining rig order

Iris Energy will receive mining hardware orders from Bitmain in the first six months of 2024, taking its operational mining capacity above 10 EH/s.

$100K BTC? Don’t undervalue Bitcoin ETF influence, says Adam Back

Resolving recent systemic failures in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the prospect of spot Bitcoin ETF approvals could drive Bitcoin to $100,000 in 2024.

Bitcoin ecosystem reinvigorated by memecoins, new protocols

Bitcoin miners’ revenue has reached all-time highs in part due to increased on-chain fees.

First Trust files for Bitcoin ‘Buffer ETF’ with SEC

Asset manager First Trust has filed for a Bitcoin buffer ETF with the SEC, intending to help investors mitigate risk by targeting downside protection.

US dollar hits 4-month low as Bitcoin trader predicts 10% drop to come

Bitcoin stands to enjoy further relief if its standard relationship to DXY weakness holds firm as the dollar shrinks on Fed “pivot” bets.

Gensler hints Grayscale ruling forced SEC to take ‘new look’ at Bitcoin ETFs

The SEC chair could be softening his stance on Bitcoin ETFs following the Grayscale court victory, but if so, he hasn’t admitted it outright.

Korean crypto firm raises $140M, China’s $1.4T AI sector, Huobi battle: Asia Express

Korean crypto firm pulls off the biggest raise in Asia this year, AI market in China is now worth $1.4T, and Huobi trademark court battle.

US energy NGO warns of overwhelming demand as ERCOT considers crypto proposals

Government policy and challenges getting projects online complicate energy policy and may have grave consequences.

Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL) and Polkadot (DOT) soar — Is it altseason?

ADA, SOL and DOT are showing strong bullish momentum as Bitcoin price consolidates.

'No excuse' not to long crypto: Arthur Hayes repeats $1M BTC price bet

Bitcoin and altcoins are a sure-fire bet ahead of a "great pivot" by the Fed on interest rates in 2024, Hayes believes.

J1mmy.eth once minted 420 Bored Apes… and had NFTs worth $150M: NFT Creator

NFT collector J1mmy.eth trades like Warren Buffett, his collection peaked at $150 million, and he once minted 420 Bored Apes with Pranksy.

Blockstream targets continued Bitcoin miner surplus with Series 2 BASIC Note

Blockstream CEO Adam Back says 2023 presented a unique investment opportunity with Bitcoin’s price doubling amid low ASIC miner prices on secondary markets.

Is El Salvador’s Bitcoin gambit finally paying off?

The rise in El Salvador’s bond prices “almost defies gravity,” and it may soon have access to Eurobond markets, said Santander Bank.

Crypto catfishers ditch fake exchanges for approval phishing scams

According to on-chain analytics firm Chainalysis, romance scammers increasingly use this method to steal their victim’s hard-earned crypto.

TMX buys 78% of ETF tool VettaFi for $848M, boosting stake to 100%

Toronto Stock Exchange owner TMX is finalizing the purchase of VettaFi, an ETF tool that lists blockchain and cryptocurrency-themed E3TFs, including the VanEck Digital Transformation ETF.

Top five blockchain ETFs that returned over 100% in 2023: Data

Some crypto-linked ETFs like the VanEck Digital Transformation ETF and Global X Blockchain ETF have surged as much as 200% and higher in 2023.

Bitcoin bulls eye BTC price comeback as cash inflows echo late 2020

Bitcoin traders’ cold feet subsides as BTC price strength takes the market back to $43,000.

Fed pause is a ‘green light’ for investors — Here’s what it means for crypto

With the expectation of further rate cuts heading into 2024, analysts say this could be a “positive boost” for crypto stocks and investment products.

Bitcoin ETF applicants will have to ‘bend the knee’ on cash redemption model

The SEC is pushing Bitcoin ETF issuers down the cash create route for creation and redemptions, but BlackRock has other ideas.

More firms set to add Bitcoin to balance sheets after major rule change

The rules allow crypto-holding companies to now report their paper gains, not just losses, which industry observers say could give more firms confidence to buy.