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Google searches for ‘crypto’ fall to 2020 levels as BTC sentiment neutral

With a score of 17 out of 100, online interest in crypto has taken a big hit from its highest levels reached in May 2021.

Web3 Gamer: GTA 6 crypto rumors, Dr Who/Sandbox, Thai tourist NFTs review

GTA 6 crypto and NFT integration speculation mounts, Top Gear and Dr Who in The Sandbox, and Thailand’s rubbish NFT hunt for tourists.

Cryptocurrency markets’ low volatility: A curse or an opportunity?

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing low volatility for the past two months, but does that mean investors should just sit and wait?

Musk’s alleged price manipulation, the Satoshi AI chatbot and more: Hodler’s Digest, May 28 – June 3

DOGE investor lawsuit against Elon Musk, the Satoshi Nakamoto chatbot, and the ongoing crypto debanking worldwide.

Rapid growth in DeFi-focused Ethereum liquid staking derivatives platforms raises eyebrows

ETH use in DeFi is down due to an uptick in staking, but rapid growth in LSDfi could be a bull market catalyst.

US debt ceiling, declining trust in banks send ETH staking to record highs

The record surge in Ethereum staking in May was attributed to the ongoing U.S. debt ceiling saga, deterring confidence in USD, the downfall of banks and the high APR offered on the ETH staking.

Here's how developers aim to store crypto inside NFTs

From being an inventory system for gaming to being used in DAOs, Future Primitive’s Jayden Windle and Benny Giang spoke about use cases for ERC-6551.

Bitcoin wicks down to $26.5K, but trader eyes chance for ‘bullish surprise’

BTC price upside is likely limited, market participants argue, with Bitcoin pinned below $27,500.

Yuan stablecoin team arrested, WeChat’s new Bitcoin prices, HK crypto rules: Asia Express

Chinese RMB stablecoin issuer’s Shanghai office reportedly deserted after police raid, and WeChat offers Bitcoin prices — but for how long?

Uniswap DAO rejects plan to charge LP fees; UNI holders cite tax concerns

The proposal would have allowed Uniswap’s governing body to receive a percentage of the fees that currently go to liquidity providers.

Circle to launch ‘official version’ of USDC natively on Arbitrum

USDC stablecoin developer Circle will replace the current version of its token with one running natively on the Arbitrum network.

BitCulture: Fine art on Solana, AI music, podcast + book reviews

Universal’s U-turn on AI music won’t please Ice Cube, former MOMA curator collects fine art on Solana, Edge of NFT podcast + Crypto Titans.

‘Not just Bitcoin price’ — Dan Tapiero shares tips on navigating the bear market

Veteran trader Dan Tapiero said the most important thing for traders is to make rational judgments that aren’t impacted by people’s fears.

Germany’s Deutsche Telekom plugs in as Polygon validator

The German telecommunications firm looks to leverage its infrastructure in Web3, plugging in as a network validator for Ethereum scaling protocol Polygon.

Fantom starts paying developers to generate gas fees

Developers will get a 15% cut of the fees they generate, but only if their app has done more than 125,000 transactions and has existed for three months.

Mad scientist’s NFTs degrade when they’re traded: 0xDEAFBEEF, NFT Creator

Self-proclaimed tinkerer 0xDEAFBEEF has hit it big with audiovisual NFTs that slowly degrade in quality every time they’re traded.

‘Bitcoin Jesus’ says Ethereum is the front-runner for global crypto adoption

Roger Ver said that Ethereum, not Bitcoin, will lead the most new users to crypto.

Yield farming app accumulates $12M TVL 2 weeks after launch

The Origin Ether app deposits Ether into Curve, Convex, stETH, rETH, and sfrxETH.

Bitcoin is on a collision course with ‘Net Zero’ promises

Every year countries are pressured to ramp up their climate change commitments at the COP conference — and Bitcoin mining is an easy target.

Popular NFT collections take massive hit in price in 2023

Investments in top NFT projects, such as Doodles, Invisible Friends, Moonbirds and Goblintown, have lost up to 95% of their value in ETH.