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HK game firm to buy $100M crypto for treasury, China/UAE CBDC deal: Asia Express

Hong Kong game firm to add $100M of BTC and ETH to treasury, UAE and China strike CBDC deal, Victory Securities starts new HK Bitcoin fund.

Web3 Gamer: Games need bots? Illivium CEO admits ‘it’s tough,’ 42X upside

Games overrun with bots just show bot owners care, claims Pixels founder. Plus we review Galaxy Fight Club, chat to Illuvium’s CEO and more.

Polygon 2.0: 2024 to see unified ZK-powered L2 chains

Polygon’s evolution will continue into 2024 as various protocols that make up its ecosystem become increasingly interconnected through the use of zero-knowledge proofs.

Price analysis 12/6: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, AVAX, LINK, TON

Bitcoin is witnessing profit-booking by short-term holders, but institutional investors continue to put money into BTC investment products.

Lawmakers’ fear and doubt drives proposed crypto regulations in US

If the Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act were to become law, many cryptocurrency providers would have to learn how to comply with the same regulations as traditional financial institutions.

SEC pushes deadline to decide on Grayscale spot Ether ETF

The commission said it will have until January 2024 to reach a decision on the spot Ether investment vehicle or institute proceedings to extend the deadline again.

Expect ‘records broken’ by Bitcoin ETF: Brett Harrison (ex-FTX US), X Hall of Flame

Brett Harrision (ex-FTX US) dishes the dirt on the “insecure, prideful” SBF and tips a spot Bitcoin ETF will shatter the futures ETF’s records

Santander appoints crypto custodian Taurus to safeguard Bitcoin, Ether: Report

An unconfirmed report suggests Taurus will provide crypto custodial services to Spanish financial services giant Banco Santander.

Ethereum donations top Save the Children HODL Hope Campaign

While Ether represents 50% of the total crypto donations made to Save the Children’s HODL Hope Campaign, Bitcoin donations amount to 34% of the lot so far.

Interactive Brokers opens Hong Kong retail crypto trading with OSL

Hong Kong clients will be able to purchase Bitcoin and Ether in their personal accounts.

Real AI use cases in crypto, No. 2: AIs can run DAOs

Genuine, no bullsh*t, hype-free use cases for AI in crypto: How AIs can help run DAOs and make them genuinely autonomous.

Vitalik Buterin thinks AI may surpass humans, community responds

Members of the AI and blockchain community have shared their views on the concerns posted by the Ethereum founder; some concur, while others disagree with the points laid out by Vitalik Buterin.

Ethereum price falls as regulatory worries and pause in DApp use impact investor sentiment

Ether price struggles amid regulatory concerns and a drop in DApp usage.

Hashdex tips spot Bitcoin ETFs to trade by Q2, followed by Ethereum

Hashdex’s head of product for the U.S. and Europe says the exact timing for a spot Bitcoin ETF is unclear but predicts it to start by the second quarter of 2024.

Price analysis 12/4: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, LINK

Altcoins show compelling technical setups after Bitcoin price blew past $42,000 on December 4.

How to prepare for the next crypto bull market: 5 simple steps

The latest Cointelegraph Report explains how to prepare for the next crypto bull run in five simple steps.

SEC solicits comments on Fidelity’s spot Ether ETF application

“Interested persons” will have 21 days to comment on a proposed rule change allowing the Cboe BZX Exchange to list and trade shares of the Fidelity Ethereum Fund.

Real AI & crypto use cases, No. 4: Fight AI fakes with blockchain

We need to fight fake AI content using blockchain because otherwise “sh*t will get really weird, says Near founder Illia Polosukhin

Pudgy Penguins GIFs top 10B views, CEO sets sights on Disney, Hello Kitty: NFT Creator 

Pudgy Penguins now has 1M Instagram followers and is stocked in 2000 Walmarts. CEO Luca Schnetzler, 25, explains where everything went right.

Outrage that ChatGPT won’t say slurs, Q* ‘breaks encryption’, 99% fake web: AI Eye

Elon Musk claims ChatGPT has been infected with “woke mind virus”, 4chan thinks OpenAI broke all encryption, and the web seems 99% AI fakes.