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Here’s what musicians actually think of tokenizing content in Web3

Web3 music platforms offer musicians and creators the opportunity to tokenize their content in exchange for more connectivity with their community — but what do musicians actually think?

54% of institutional investors in Japan plan to invest in crypto: Survey

54% of Japanese institutional investors plan to invest in crypto over the next three years, citing portfolio diversification and high return potential as key drivers.

Crypto game rewards not ‘crucial,’ Farmville creator makes case for beta releases: Web3 Gamer

Farmville creator defends game beta releases, and crypto game rewards are not a “crucial” component according to Sam Saliba: Web3 Gamer

Celsius small business creditors demand reimbursement after 35% cut in claims

Two Celsius creditors have filed a motion asking for a second distribution after they allegedly suffered reduced payments from possessing corporate accounts.

AssangeDAO member Silke Noa says $37M spent to rescue Assange

Silke Noa calls for detailed accounting from Wau Holland Foundation on the $37M spent on Assange's legal defense.

Bybit surpasses Coinbase in market share after Binance's decline

Bybit became the world’s second-largest crypto exchange, while the leading exchange, Binance, has lost some market share due to previous regulatory issues.

New Solana feature allows crypto transactions on any website

Solana Actions and blockchain links will allow users to create and share transactions via a URL on websites, social media platforms and physical QR codes.

No, Hamster Kombat is not illegal in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan authorities have not banned the Hamster Kombat game but warned against possible risks of withdrawing its tokens in the future.

MakerDAO and Sherlock team up for historic $1.35M security audit contest

MakerDAO partners with Sherlock for a record-breaking $1.35 million audit contest, launching on July 8 and ending on Aug. 5, to ensure top-tier security for its Endgame phase.

Cathie Wood’s vote is cementing Trump as a ‘pro-innovation’ crypto-friendly candidate

Trump’s potential reelection could mean more crypto-friendly regulation that could boost mainstream adoption.

Crypto firm Hiddup rebrands amid $41M investigation and legal woes

Hiddup continues advertising returns ranging from 6 to 16% per annum through blockchain mining on its website while facing legal action.

DFX Labs clears Hong Kong’s AML requirement for crypto license

While not yet permitted to trade, DFX Labs is deemed licensed for virtual asset services by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

Delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS), explained

Learn how delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) brings a democratic evolution in blockchain consensus mechanisms.

Bitcoin exchange balances ‘overrated?’ 140K BTC Mt. Gox payout sparks debate

One commentator argues that Bitcoin exchange balances are not a reliable yardstick for BTC price strength, while others dismiss the latest Mt. Gox fears.

German gov’t offloads 900 Bitcoin, 400 BTC sent to Coinbase and Kraken

The added selling pressure from the German government could tank Bitcoin price below the key $60,000 mark.

Memecoins reverse bearish market trends to record double-digit growth

The biggest winners in the recent bullish surge are new memecoins that have emerged over the past few months.

Marc Cuban wallet seen dumping NFTs after 2 years of inactivity

Marc Cuban’s wallet sold 14 NFTs for $38,500 and listed two more NFTs for sale for about $66,000.

Hong Kong shows off crypto, Web3 prowess in Toronto

Canadian crypto and Web3 startups could benefit from “lower taxes” and regulations that cater to “pre-commercial specialist technology companies,” said a Toronto ETO official.

Bitcoin ETFs shed $1.3B over 2 weeks amid market slump

Bitcoin ETFs have seen outflows of $1.3 Bitcoin in the last two weeks of trading, but analysts expect markets to rally higher in the coming months.

Bitcoin ‘cascading long squeeze’ to blame for slump to $60K

An increasing number of traders entering new long positions was the "fuel” behind Bitcoin’s slump to $60,000, according to a Bitcoin analyst Willy Woo.

Jason Derulo sold his JASON tokens despite saying he wouldn’t, says Bubblemaps

The analytics firm claims the singer sold tokens despite promises that he wouldn’t, while the controversial figure who apparently helped create the token claims “it’s all orchestrated.”

‘Survival games’ as Bitcoin hash price skirts near all-time low

Despite the hash price crash, most Bitcoin mining machines remain profitable for the time being.

Alex Lab points to Lazarus Group after last month's $4M exploit

After being exploited for $4.3 million in May, Alex Lab reveals they have since found “substantial transaction evidence” pointing the attack to North Korea’s Lazarus Group.

AI tokens rally as NVIDIA slumps 13% from market cap peak

Despite Nvidia, one of the most talked-about stocks of the year, sharply falling in price, artificial intelligence crypto tokens are spiking.

Mt. Gox repayments won’t be as bad for Bitcoin as you think

The nearly $9 billion in Mt. Gox creditor repayments starting July may not kick down the price of Bitcoin, but they could spell trouble for Bitcoin Cash, say analysts.

Bitcoin sentiment index drops to ‘fear’ — its lowest score in 18 months

The weakened market sentiment comes amid fears of a potential $8.5 billion market dump by Mt. Gox and recent mass outflows from United States spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Bitcoin will protect the wealth that AI creates: Pompliano

AI machines will need to use and store their wealth somewhere, and Bitcoin is the logical choice for that, Anthony Pompliano says.

Julian Assange freed from jail after plea deal with US

The Wikileaks founder is expected to plead guilty to one U.S. charge and be sentenced for time served in a U.K. prison.

Iranian officials decry blockchain game 'Hamster Kombat' as soft power tool

The deputy chief of the Iranian military claimed the game was a way of distracting Iranians from the country's upcoming presidential elections.

‘Privacy-minded CBDCs’ are a wolf in sheep’s clothing

CBDC developers have made little progress in developing products capable of "preserving privacy," and government is not complaining.