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Arkham’s top 5 doxed crypto hodlers own $3.5B, but 35% is untouchable

Around $1.2 billion worth of crypto in the top five holders’ wallets have been flagged as ‘inaccessible’ due to lost private keys.

Bored Ape NFT floor price hits lowest point in over two and a half years

The Bored Ape Yacht Club collection’s floor price is currently at 11.1 ETH, down 90% from its peak during the roaring NFT bull market.

NSA ’just days from taking over the internet’ warns Edward Snowden

The FISA 702 bill has been described by critics as a “dramatic and terrifying” expansion of the United States government’s surveillance powers.

BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF is the only fund with inflows since Friday

The iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) has seen two-day inflows reach $184.5 million — and is also the only U.S. spot Bitcoin ETF to see inflows so far this week.

Musk to charge new X users to post, but some say it won't stop the bots

Social media platform X has long had a crypto spam problem, so will a fee to post be enough to stop them? Users are skeptical.

OKX launches Ethereum layer-2 network for lower fees & interoperability

OKX becomes the latest cryptocurrency exchange to launch an Ethereum-based layer 2 network.

Cryptojacker conned $3.5M from cloud firms to mine crypto, feds allege

Prosecutors claim the “cryptojacking” scheme stole cloud computing resources to mine nearly $1 million worth of crypto.

Hong Kong’s Ether, Bitcoin ETFs will be ‘lucky to get $500m’

Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas says crypto investors should reign in their expectations over a spate of recently approved spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs in Hong Kong.

‘Disable iMessages’ ASAP to avoid crypto zero-day exploit: Trust Wallet

The firm’s CEO, Eowyn Chen, shared a screenshot of the supposed “high-risk” exploit being sold on the dark web for a whopping $2 million.

6 Questions for Kieren James-Lubin, who wants us to ‘get on the same page’ about grandma

You may have heard of Joseph Lubin, the Ethereum co-founder presently serving as the CEO of Consensys. But don’t confuse him for Kieren James-Lubin — the entrepreneur’s highly successful son who co-founded his own company, BlockApps, in 2015. James-Lubin now serves as the chief executive of BlockApps from its offices in Miami Beach — where […]

The real risks to Ethena’s stablecoin model (are not the ones you think)

Ethena may not be as risky as Terraform Labs’ disastrous UST… but it’s not risk-free either. Here’s what you need to keep an eye on.

Bitcoin’s spot price action does little to spook BTC options traders

Bitcoin futures and options signal investors’ confidence was not meaningfully impacted by BTC’s recent dip to $61,500.

What to expect at Changpeng Zhao’s sentencing on April 30

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried received a 25-year sentence after his conviction on seven felony counts, and many are speculating on what that could mean for Changpeng Zhao.

Get out of paying taxes? It's largely possible if you're an expat

Did you know it's possible for expats to mostly get out of paying U.S. taxes? We spoke with four tax professionals to get this and other tax-day tips.

Senators Warren, Grassley want details on CFTC’s communications with FTX

The bipartisan letter writers also want to know when the agency found out about the wrongdoing at the crypto exchange.

Price analysis 4/15: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, TON, DOGE, ADA

Bitcoin is finding it difficult to sustain the relief rally, which could put pressure on several altcoins in the near term.

BIS envisions global ‘Finternet’ running on unified ledger technology

The BIS introduced the unified ledger concept last year and has been singing its praises as a framework for better financial transactions.

Filecoin Foundation launches Chinese legal inquiry into STFIL incident

Foundation senior fellow Danny O’Brien stated that the team has hired a lawyer and is attempting to determine whether police are holding the missing funds.

Blockchain for Good Alliance launches at Blockchain Life Dubai

The alliance is joined by Bybit Web3, Solana Foundation, Aptos, Moledao, Harvard Blockchain Club, and numerous other organizations.

Crypto funds see $110M in Bitcoin outflows as BTC price drops and investors risk off

Last week, $110 million was withdrawn from Bitcoin investment products as investors risked off in the face of mounting geopolitical events and Bitcoin’s waning momentum.

Hong Kong green lights first spot Bitcoin ETFs: Law Decoded

The new ETFs are reportedly from Harvest Global Investments, China Asset Management and a partnership between HashKey and Bosera Asset Management.

Halving 2024: Where is Bitcoin heading next?

In our latest Cointelegraph video, we explain everything you need to know about the imminent Bitcoin halving, assessing its impact on both the mining industry and BTC's value.

Fiji central bank warns against crypto use, disappointing Bitcoin hopes

The Fijian prime minister’s reported consultations on introducing Bitcoin into the economy seem to have been in vain.

Meta announces VR education metaverse for ages 13 and up

The University of Glasgow, Stanford University, and New Mexico State are already using Quest headsets to educate students.

Base asset tokenization protocol loses $1.7M due to private key leak

“Please remove your LP asap, we are very sorry for what happen,” wrote a Grand Base admin.

Buy Bitcoin because ‘your wealth is melting’ away — Unchained report

Research by Unchained suggests that Bitcoin is the best savings tool for investors due to its unique monetary properties.

ETH price nears 3-year lows vs. Bitcoin — Will an Ethereum ETF stem the tide?

The current ETH price dip could present a good buying opportunity for short and long-term investors ahead of the Hong Kong Ethereum ETFs.

Bitcoin eats up fresh bid liquidity as BTC price fights for $65K

Bitcoin is in no mood for a comprehensive BTC price recovery as the week gets underway.

History of Crypto: NFT mania and digital ownership

Between 2020 and 2021, the development of nonfungible tokens saw significant growth and billion-dollar expansion across various sectors.

South African exchange VALR wins dual crypto licenses

VALR receives two licenses from South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority following new requirements for exchanges in the country.