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Farmville co-creator-led company raises $33M to create Web3 games

Proof of Play raised $33 million to create fully on-chain games that “quickly immerse players in fun gameplay.“

Near Foundation CEO Marieke Flement resigns

The Near Foundation treasury grew to $350 million under Flament's tenure.

Hashing It Out: What happens when crypto meets fintech in Africa?

Guests on Hashing It Out episode 31 believe that traditional finance has hurt innovation in the African fintech space, and cryptocurrency can breathe some life into the space.

NFT Collector: William Mapan explains generative art using a crayon and dice

Generative artist William Mapan’s latest collection, “Distance,” sold out in less than 24 hours despite launching in the middle of a very weak NFT market.

From his early long-form generative series “Dragons” on the Tezos blockchain to the highly sought-after “Anticyclone” ArtBlocks collection that currently commands a 5 ETH floor, Mapan has a unique way of capturing the hearts and minds of collectors.

But many people in the public still don’t understand what generative art even is. Mapan has a unique way of explaining the often misunderstood genre by boiling it down to a piece of paper, a crayon and a die.

“It can be really hard to explain but usually the way I explain is to put away the code, put away the blockchain, put away everything. Just take a piece of paper, a crayon and dice. Imagine drawing two by two boxes on that paper, so four boxes total. You then throw the dice — if the roll shows up as a three or below, you draw a square; if the dice shows four or above, you draw a circle into one of the boxes.

“You just made an algorithm; you just made a set of rules and introduced some randomness in there. That’s basically what generative art is, you build a set of rules, an algorithm and then introduce randomness. Then you try to control that part of the space.

Strands of Solitude #010 by William Mapan
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NFT Collector: William Mapan explains generative art using a crayon and dice

What even is generative art? William Mapan, whose 250-piece Distance collection just sold out at 2ETH each, explains using a crayon and die.

eToro secures crypto registration in Cyprus to expand in EU

According to eToro deputy CEO Hedva Ber, Europe is “hugely important” for the firm as the majority of eToro users are based in the region. look-alike ‘Alpha’ emerges on Bitcoin network

A new social token network called Alpha has emerged rivaling the popular platform but built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Tether 2023 stablecoin loans rise despite size-down announcement in 2022

Tether said the new loans were made on request of some of their long-standing partners and they plan to cut it down to zero by 2024.

Busan is developing an Ethereum-compatible mainnet to become a 'Blockchain City'

The city administration behind the project aims to make Busan a blockchain city and has launched a $75 million development plan to realize the goal.

Phishing victim sends eye-watering $4.5M in USDT to scammer

On-chain data shows the $4.5 million was first transferred from the Kraken crypto exchange, before eventually arriving at an address purportedly owned by a scammer.

Optimism to sell $160M in OP tokens to 7 purchasers via private sale

The Optimism Network has revealed that it will sell 116 million OP tokens in a series of planned sales.

UK politicians don metaverse avatars as they share Web3 roadmap

“Web3 represents a paradigm shift that reimagines the very fabric of the internet,” said British MP Natalie Elphicke.

Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney talks zk proofs in 25-year-old unearthed footage

A recently resurfaced video shows Hal Finney discussing the possibility of zero-knowledge proofs at an annual cryptology conference in California some 25 years ago.

OnlyFans, Patreon models turn to Web3 amid payment and censorship fears

Patreon creators had difficulties getting paid in August, while OnlyFans once tried to ban porn on the platform, forcing creators to look at alternatives, including Web3.

Evmos, Swing, Tashi, Wormhole team up to solve Cosmos liquidity problems

Tashi and Swing will integrate Wormhole bridged tokens for USDC, USDT, wETH, and others, potentially making Cosmos DeFi easier to use.

Troubled crypto exchange JPEX applies for deregistration in Australia

The unlicensed exchange allegedly solicited than $128 million from users before being reprimanded by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

‘AI has killed the industry’: EasyTranslate boss on adapting to change

The launch of generative AI products over the past nine months has the world talking about how it will change the future. Many are frightened. Others are excited about the opportunity.

A report last month from Next Move Strategy Consulting predicts the AI industry will grow 20x in the next seven years, creating a $2 trillion business, up from its current value of $100 billion. It might sound like wild hype, but other analysts from McKinsey, Morgan Stanley and BlackRock all map out a similar trajectory. AI is here to stay, and a lot of human lives will be upended. But it’s also the chance of a lifetime.

Frederik Pedersen, the co-founder of Danish AI company EasyTranslate and son of one of Denmark’s most famous men, is approaching the future head-on.

“I have been saying for a long time that translation is dead and AI has killed the industry as we know it, but that hasn’t gone down particularly well with my competitors. Now, however, those same people are listening and are realising that they may be too late if they want to transform their business.”

It’s not easy to be the child of a powerful person, as has been recently and brilliantly illustrated by the TV series Succession. If there’s a Logan Roy in the family, it’s difficult for the child to be their own person.

Frederik Pederson knows how to pivot
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‘AI has killed the industry’: EasyTranslate boss on adapting to change

If you’re not transforming your business to take advantage of AI now, you’ll be left behind, says Easy Translate boss Frederik Pedersen.

Wormhole integrates native USDC transfers for four blockchain networks

Wormhole integrated with Circle’s Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol, allowing USDC to be sent between Ethereum, Avalanche, Arbitrum and Optimism.

Water & Music’s Cherie Hu says Web3 and AI will revolutionize creativity: The Agenda

Water & Music founder Cherie Hu explains how technology is evolving the music industry — but is it to the benefit of musicians?