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Donald Trump’s crypto portfolio briefly peaks above $10M

The MAGA memecoin surged to an all-time high on May 27, boosting Trump’s crypto holdings.

Ethereum validator enables ETH restaking on EigenLayer’s new API integration enables intermediaries to stake Ether and restake it on EigenLayer directly through its platform.

Bitcoin exchange-traded products now hold over 1 million BTC

The collective total held by all Bitcoin ETFs globally is now more than 1 million coins, currently worth almost $68 billion.

On-chain messages on Ethereum uncover tales of love, loss and scams

“I feel kinda pathetic reaching out to you this way, but what can I do,” one hopeless romantic told their ex-lover in an on-chain message.

Caitlyn Jenner joins Rich the Kid alleging they were ‘scammed’

Caitlyn Jenner has seemingly acknowledged her connection with memecoin adviser Sahil Arora, alleging he “scammed” her, but says she will continue to invest in and promote the JENNER token.

Ledger finally ships Stax hardware wallet after months of delays

Ledger chief experience officer Ian Rogers said that the extra time allowed them to ensure that the operating system is “refined with more features.”

Bitcoin dips 2% as Mt. Gox wallets move over $7B to unknown wallet

Billions in Bitcoin reportedly belonging to collapsed crypto exchange Mt. Gox has moved to an unknown wallet.

Grayscale’s Ethereum ETF could bleed $110M daily in first month: Kaiko

If Grayscale’s slated spot Ether ETF follows the same path as its Bitcoin one, there could be some short-term pressure on the price of ETH.

‘Yield-bearing stables’ are not money or stablecoins: Agora’s van Eck

Yield-bearing stablecoins are far more likely to be classed as security products in many countries and would restrict customer reach, argues the son of Jan van Eck.

‘Hacker’ identified in celebrity memecoin scams, says crypto sleuth Roxo

A person associated with Caitlyn Jenner’s JENNER coin launch rugged five other prominent figures, but not her, according to Roxo.

Solana (SOL) price encounters resistance near $190 — Here is why

SOL price rallied 5% today, but on-chain data raises doubts about whether Solana can overcome the barrier at $190.

Blockchain dev Sphere introduces bank-to-wallet Telegram extension

Sphere Labs, a blockchain developer focused on bringing stablecoins as a service to businesses, has announced a new bank-to-wallet Telegram extension.

YouTube co-founder backs memecoin based on ‘first cat’ on platform

A cat video filmed 20 years ago by former YouTube chief technology officer Steve Chen is now the basis for a memecoin with a market capitalization of more than $20 million.

Ethereum price in ‘bull market’ after spot ETH ETF approvals greenlight rally toward $4K

With the spot ETH ETFs approved, traders are confident that Ethereum price is ready to rally well above $4,000.

Spot Ether ETFs are now officially legal in the US: Law Decoded

Spot Ether ETFs might be weeks or months away from debuting on exchanges, as the ETF filers have yet to receive their S-1 SEC registration.

Solana community votes to give validators all priority fees

The Solana community has voted by a significant margin to give 100% of priority fees to network validators.

Libertarian Party has US presidential candidate — What’s his crypto platform?

Chase Oliver’s proposed running mate has a strong anti-CBDC platform, but the 38-year-old Libertarian Party nominee seems to have been largely silent on crypto.

Price analysis 5/27: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, TON, DOGE, ADA

Bitcoin and Ether are finding buyers at higher levels, indicating that the respective overhead resistance levels are weakening and new all-time highs could be on the way.

Binance affiliate Gopax sold Genesis creditor claims at steep discount: Report

The Gopax exchange reportedly owes 100 billion Korean won in unreturned user staking deposits.

Memecoin team connected to GCR hack, reveals ZachXBT

According to the on-chain sleuth, the CAT memecoin creators hacked crypto influencer GCR to manipulate some coin prices.

Nomura Holdings, GMO Group form stablecoin research partnership in Japan

Nomura Holdings and the GMO Internet Group are exploring ways to bring new stablecoin offerings to the Japanese market.

Bots, airdrops push Ronin to No.2 blockchain for daily users — Not Pixels fans

Ronin network jumped to second place for daily active users after Pixels launched — but data suggests bots and airdrops are a big factor.

Ethereum price chart hints at $4K breakout to new all-time highs

Ether price could be on track to new all-time highs, provided it can close the week above the $4,000 mark.

Victim who lost $7M in Ethereum re-staking exploit gets funds back

A permit phishing attack appears to have siphoned 1,807 liquid staked Ether from the victim's wallet address.

Pepe memecoin hits record high but risks a brutal 40% crash by June

PEPE's ongoing trend mirrors the price behavior that happened before a 40% crash in January.

Worldcoin faces bans worldwide amid increasing privacy fears

Regulators across the world are banning Worldcoin, which collects biometric data for a small payment of its native cryptocurrency.

Trader nets $2.7M profit in 3 days with Trump-themed MAGA memecoin

The MAGA memecoin has seen drastic price rallies following pro-crypto comments from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Memecoin trader loses over $1M following Normie exploit

The unfortunate trader suffered a loss of over 99% on his initial $1.16 million investment following a smart contract exploit.

How Bitget CEO Gracy Chen plans to shake up the male-dominated crypto industry

Cointelegraph heard from Gracy Chen, the newly appointed CEO of Bitget, to understand her strategy leading a top crypto exchange as a female in a male-dominated industry.

Ether price could hit $4.5K before ETH ETF: DeFiance Capital founder

Ether could rally another 15% before the first ETFs start trading on the market, according to Arthur Cheong.