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Web3 advocate and author Alex Tapscott on the future of blockchain mass adoption

Alex Tapscott says Web3 offers “a set of tools” that can be used to “build new business models, to create new kinds of organizations [and] to transform existing industries.”

Binance Labs invests in ARKM, the native token of Arkham platform

Binance Labs, the venture capital arm of Binance Exchange, has invested in ARKM, the native token of the crypto intelligence platform Arkham.

Singapore introduces five new pilots to test asset tokenization

The latest initiatives led by the Monetary Authority of Singapore aim to develop foundational capabilities to scale tokenized markets.

Dairy Queen opens NFT pop-up store in China

The pop-up nonfungible token store, co-sponsored by Weirdo Ghost Gang, will run until the end of the year.

Cybersecurity team claims up to $2.1B in crypto stored in old wallets are at risk

The security firm urges those using wallets generated from 2011 to 2015 to transfer their assets to crypto wallets that were generated more recently.

OKX joins Komainu and CoinShares for institutional segregated asset trading

Sebastian Widmann, head of strategy at Komainu, believes this is a necessary step to attract institutions to adopt digital assets.

Ethereum’s rollups are 'gold standard’ but Plasma needs a revisit: Buterin

Vitalik Buterin called the early Ethereum scaling solution Plasma “underrated” and a “significant security upgrade” for chains that would otherwise be validiums.

OKX launches Ethereum layer-2 testnet using ZK-based Polygon CDK

The “X1” network will be part of the Polygon ecosystem and use zero-knowledge proofs to bridge assets from Ethereum.

I spent a week working in VR. It was mostly terrible, however…

Cointelegraph Magazine journalist Felix Ng spent a week working in virtual reality. It was mostly terrible… but does have some potential.

I spent a week working in VR. It was mostly terrible, however…

I just spent an entire week working in virtual reality using the new Meta Quest 3. While the experience still mostly sucked, I came away with some renewed optimism for VR in the workplace.

As I took Ron’s outstretched, virtual hand for a handshake, my actual hand — in the real world — clumsily whacked into the side of my desk.

Ron from Microsoft showing how to use hand gestures to interact with the menu and other useful shortcuts in the Immersed app.

Ron started laughing, his avatar’s animated facial expressions mimicking his real face thanks to his device’s eye and facial tracking technology.

A project manager at Microsoft, Ron tells me it’s something I’ll get used to. He’s been working in the metaverse for over a year.

Days later, I meet Heather, a mother who’s been working in virtual reality for a couple of months. She likes to jump into the metaverse to work when her kids are at school and the house is quiet.

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Cointelegraph’s Rise ‘n’ Crypto: Unveiling the daily Web3 podcast

Want to keep on top of all the crucial happenings in crypto? Cointelegraph has a new daily podcast that provides a rundown of what you need to know in under 15 minutes!

Animoca eyes SportFi ecosystem, becomes Chiliz Chain validator

Animoca Brands will become a validator for the Chiliz Chain as the venture capital firm looks to capitalize on the SportFi ecosystem.

Swan Bitcoin to terminate customer accounts that use crypto-mixing services

Swan co-founder Yan Pritzker said the firm is pro-privacy and doesn’t oppose customers’ use of such services, but to work, it has to follow FinCEN regulations.

NFT sales volume upward trend to continue, industry execs say

CoinW executive Sonia Shaw told Cointelegraph that the recent uptick in NFT sales shows a “broader and more profound interest” extending beyond art.

Goldman Sachs leads $95M funding round for blockchain payment firm Fnality: Report

With $158 million of total capital raised since 2019, Fnality plans to launch the Sterling Fnality Payment System in 2023, subject to approval by the Bank of England.

New figures show hardly anyone is using ERC-4337 smart accounts

Account abstraction advocate John Rising shared “sobering” figures concerning the adoption of ERC-4337 smart accounts.

Elon Musk AI project-inspired memecoin ‘Grok’ falls 74% on creator scam claim

A memecoin drawing its name from the Grok AI project plummeted after allegations that its social media account was recycled from that of a former scam token.

DeFi vulnerability leading to $6.7M exploit ‘not detected’ by auditors

The project was previously audited by Trail of Bits and Hats Finance.

Taiwanese crypto exchange and VASP member Bitgin under investigation for money laundering

The exchange confirmed its chief operating officer’s brief relationship with an alleged money laundering group in a statement on Nov. 13.

No CZ, no problem: Binance Blockchain Week showcases Turkish crypto industry

Binance picked the Bosphorus as the backdrop for Binance Blockchain Week, the flagship event in its 2023 calendar.