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Bitcoin price weakens after hot CPI print raises doubt on Fed rate cuts

Bitcoin price fell to an intra-day low at $67,500 after the U.S. CPI print showed inflation making a resurgence.

Sentencing of former FTX exec Ryan Salame moved to May 28

The former FTX co-CEO took a plea deal and was originally set for sentencing on May 1.

3 reasons why DOGE, WIF and other memecoins are crashing

The memecoin market's downturn seems like a typical adjustment seen before Bitcoin halvings, yet more downside is possible.

Move-to-earn protocol StepN announces $30M airdrop for users

Loyal users of the popular Solana-based lifestyle app can claim rewards by the end of April.

How to buy and sell NFTs on Uniswap

Explore how to trade NFTs without the hassle of multiple platforms. Uniswap streamlines the process, putting you in control.

Does wine age better on the blockchain?

GrtWines is taking the $441 billion fine wine market and putting it on-chain through Web3 tokenization, with the aim of opening new doors for investors of all generations.

Coinbase pushes for UK crypto adoption with Apple Pay integration

Coinbase said that the Apple Pay integration is part of its efforts to increase the number of crypto holders in the United Kingdom.

Ethereum validator hits $7.5B TVL, adds new SaaB model’s new SaaB model aims to help businesses better handle staking functionalities, promotion and revenue generation.

Queensland law enforcement agency calls for more powers to seize crypto

The Crime and Corruption Commission is calling for a reform of Queensland’s Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002 to counter the growing illicit use of cryptocurrencies in the state.

Taiwan’s Ace Exchange founder indicted in $10.6M fraud case

A Taiwanese court has ruled that the property of Ace Exchange founder David Pan and others involved in the case will be confiscated.

DEX adoption needs greater capital efficiency — PancakeSwap product lead

The lack of options trading liquidity is one of the most pressing issues of current DeFi protocols.

Retail interest in crypto ‘quite low’ compared to last bull run — LunarCrush CEO

LunarCrush CEO Joe Vezzani believes that despite the upcoming Bitcoin halving, there might not be a significant shift in retail engagement.

Bitcoin RSI points to short-term gains as metric signals BTC price top

The value days destroyed multiple is hinting at an incoming BTC price macro top, but all might not be as it seems.

AMPL depositors complain of frozen funds on Aave

The AMPL pool on borrowing and lending protocol Aave suffered a liquidity crunch in December due to a contract bug, and DAO participants continue to debate how to properly compensate investors.

Hong Kong regulator fast-tracks Bitcoin spot ETF approvals

After the approval of the Securities Regulatory Commission of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange needs two weeks to finalize Bitcoin ETF listings.

New Zealand fears missing crypto train with ‘wait and see’ approach

Andrew Bayly, the minister of commerce and consumer affairs, warned that New Zealand’s “wait and see” approach could lead to missing out on the benefits of development in the digital asset industry.

Is Bitcoin’s on-chain bull run momentum over? Indicator flashes red

The indicator signals that behavior among Bitcoin OGs is quite different to previous Bitcoin halvings.

Restaking protocol EigenLayer partially launches on Ethereum mainnet

EigenLayer is live on the Ethereum mainnet, but several crucial features are still on the way “later this year.”

Solana rival Base hits 400 TPS claims core contributor

Impressive TPS figures are being shared by Base proponents, but critics say they may be skewed unfairly in the network's favor by including failed transactions.

Ethereum ETFs will ‘probably be rejected’ in May — VanEck CEO

“Pins are dropping,” Jan van Eck told CNBC that the lack of comment from the SEC regarding the roster of pending Ether ETFs was far from a good sign for an approval by May.

Bitcoin halving price influence ‘diminished,’ demand now key driver: CryptoQuant

The Open Interest in Bitcoin is now 30 times higher than it was 11 days before the 2020 Bitcoin halving.

Mango Markets heist like a fake diamond ring scam: Prosecutor

Avi Eisenberg’s alleged Mango Markets exploit was a “modern twist” on a classic con, prosecutors argued, but Eisenberg is adamant his actions were legal.

Make your code immutable to avoid jail, policy exec advises devs

Smart contracts that can be turned on and off by a multisignature mechanism or governance vote are potentially problematic, says Coin Center’s Peter Van Valkenburgh.

Solana validators pass ‘Timely Vote Credits’ plan to speed up transactions

Solana’s validators voted 98% in favor of a proposal that could speed up transaction confirmation times.

Bitcoin miners may ‘fear’ the halving, but they cherish it too

While Bitcoin halvings can put a huge dent in crypto mining profitability, miners say they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Biden's mining tax is the least sensible part of his 2025 budget proposal

Biden wants to impose a new 30 percent tax on the electricity that Bitcoin miners are using — regardless of how it's sourced. That means many will move abroad.

YouTuber declines ‘7 figure’ sponsorships after FTX scandal: Brian Jung, Hall of Flame

Influencer Brian Jung is being extra vigilant about sponsorship deals post FTX but happily predicts a big spike in AERO’s price. Hall of Flame

US Treasury official outlines proposals for tighter crypto crime control

U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Adewale Adeyemo told the Senate Banking Committee that terrorists prefer cash, but the department is worried about crypto’s growth.

Elections may swing Senate Banking Committee toward crypto, Sen. Lummis says

The committee is an obstacle, the pro-crypto senator said, but that could change soon.

Dfinity launches Web3 accelerator platform on the Internet Computer

The accelerator launches with $15 million in funding and mentorship support from a plethora of investors.