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Bitcoin shows ‘signs of exhaustion’ as Q1 BTC price gains near 70%

While there are reasons to be “very bullish” on Q2, the sheer speed of the Bitcoin and crypto bull market may be cause for concern, says QCP Capital.

HKVAEX withdraws Hong Kong license application post-deadline

The SFC website confirms that HKVAEX withdrew its license application nearly three months after the filing on Jan. 4, 2024.

Bitcoin to attract $1T from institutions amid ‘raging bull market’ — Bitwise exec

Bitwise’s Matthew Hougan said the best advice he could give traders is to “keep calm and take the long view.”

Binance exec seeks redress over Nigeria detention, demands apology

Gambaryan’s lawyer requested an adjournment for the NSA and EFCC to respond, which was granted by the judge, who postponed the case to April 8.

FTX former execs and promotors to settle class lawsuit for $1.3M

Former FTX and Alameda executives agreed to share information to aid in the class group’s legal fight against other alleged FTX promoters.

Bitcoin Cash open interest surges past $700M ahead of BCH halving

Bitcoin Cash hasn’t seen open interest at this level since May 2021, when its price was nearly 2.5 times higher.

New Bitcoin ETFs now hold 500,000 BTC and GBTC outflows slow

The newly launched spot Bitcoin ETFs, excluding Grayscale have now amassed $35 billion worth of Bitcoin in just 54 days of trading.

Vitalik Buterin wants rollups to hit stage 1 decentralization by year-end

Ethereum network standards should increase when considering layer-2 scaling solutions, suggested Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

MicroStrategy is trading at an ‘unjustifiable premium’ to Bitcoin: Analyst

Kerrisdale Capital claims MicroStrategy’ is no longer a “unique way to gain access to Bitcoin” but Michael Saylor has long argued his firm will remain an attractive option to investors.

Mystery malware targets Call of Duty cheaters, stealing their Bitcoin

Malware database vx-underground has warned of a new info-stealing malware in cyberspace that is targeting video gamers, especially those who use cheating software.

Prisma Finance $11.6M hacker claims it was a ‘whitehat rescue’

The hacker’s on-chain message came approximately six hours after the hack occurred. However, blockchain security firms noted the hacker had also started swapping the stolen funds for Ether.

SBF memecoins pump and dump as FTX founder gets 25-year prison sentence

Memecoins based on Sam Bankman-Fried rocketed and then crashed as a U.S. court handed down more than two decades of jail time for the former FTX CEO.

Bitcoin miner CleanSpark plunges 10% after $800M share offering

With a market capitalization of $4.2 billion, a $800 million stock offering would effectively dilute CLSK shares by 19%.

Crypto ATMs to resurge once Bitcoin ‘FOMO’ hits full swing, says CEO

Crypto ATM installs declined in 2023, but a post-halving Bitcoin price growth spurt should see the space rebound, says Brandon Mintz.

KuCoin’s desperate $10M airdrop, 1 tweet raises $37M for memecoin: Asia Express

Taiwanese celeb raises $37M for Solana memecoin via a single tweet, KuCoin airdrop to stem losses following charges and more: Asia Express.

How high can Bitcoin go? New BTC price prediction sees cycle top at $180K

BTC price can more than double in price this cycle, thanks to Bitcoin ETFs, next month's halving, and easing monetary conditions.

Abra settles with fifth state as US operations may be winding down

The platform was part of a targeted campaign by state regulators and promised to stop U.S retail operations last summer.

Ethereum futures open interest at all-time high — Bullish or bearish?

Ethereum futures open reached a new all-time high, calling into question whether ETH can rally to $3,800.

Bitwise files with SEC for spot Ether ETF listing

The SEC approved investment vehicles tied to Ether futures in October but has not reached a decision about spot ETH exchange-traded funds on U.S. exchanges.

Web3 ad service Everyworld reaches 225K users within a month of launching beta

The service is currently available in beta for select markets.

Crypto users react to Sam Bankman-Fried’s 25-year sentence

Many on social media suggested that 25 years was “too light” given the former FTX CEO’s crimes, speculating that he would end up serving less time in prison.

Price analysis 3/28: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, ADA, DOGE, AVAX, SHIB, TON

Bitcoin is looking positive, but the up move is likely to face stiff resistance above $72,000.

Web3 game Wilder World gets Epic Game Store listing during alpha testing

The makers of Wilder World claim that it will be the “ultimate game” by combining popular genres into a single experience.

FTX estate to unload $7.6B locked Solana balance at 68% discount

Buyers are required to agree to a vesting period of four years for their FTX SOL purchase.

3 metrics hint that the Ethereum (ETH) price correction is not over

Ethereum price has had a rocky week and data suggests that more downside could be on the way.

SingularityNet, Fetch.AI, Ocean Protocol merger will drive decentralized AI development: ChainGPT CEO

The token merger will drive new resources and create new collaborations to bolster decentralized AI development, ChainGPT’s CEO told Cointelegraph.

Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years in prison

Judge Lewis Kaplan found that the former FTX CEO also committed witness tampering and perjury based on his testimony at trial over user funds.

Bitcoin whales copy classic bull market moves as BTC price eyes $72K

Bitcoin sets a positive tone into the U.S. holiday weekend as a Coinbase-induced BTC price dip fails to keep bulls back for long.

Nansen integrates blockchain data from SportFi chain Chiliz and Ethereum rollup zkSync

The integration provides a high-level overview of both ecosystems, allowing cryptocurrency teams to run their own queries and get insights from the raw data.

Creating ‘good’ AGI that won’t kill us all: Crypto’s Artificial Superintelligence Alliance

Ignore the AI doomers: The Artificial Superintelligence Alliance has a plan to create AGI that makes everyone’s lives better. Can they do it?