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Solana eyes $600 target in upcoming crypto surge

In recent quarters, Solana's increasing on-chain activity points to a strong underlying demand for SOL tokens.

How the digital yuan could change the world… for better or worse

China’s digital yuan is probably the world’s leading central bank digital currency. In spite of its high level of development, it is not widely used.

Matrixport warns of market euphoria, correction after Bitcoin's $60K milestone

The blockchain financial service firm argued in January that a spot Bitcoin ETF would not be approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Binance revamps VIP Invitations Program to entice traditional asset traders

The new Binance initiative extends its VIP program to traditional asset traders, aiming to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional finance.

Energy-efficient miners in US less likely to be impacted by Bitcoin halving

Bitcoin miners in the United States explain how energy-efficient models will help keep operations profitable post-halving.

Bitcoin breaches $60K for the first time in over 2 years

The last time Bitcoin traded above $60,000 was in November 2021, shortly after it reached its all-time high. Is a “pre-halving retracement” imminent?

Telegram ad platform to launch via TON blockchain

Telegram channel owners will start receiving 50% of all advertising revenue generated in their channels.

Mad Lads’ Backpack Exchange closes $17 million Series A led by Placeholder VC

The funds will be used to continue the exchange’s global expansion and further improve products, its founder told Cointelegraph in an exclusive interview.

CoinGecko enables access to on-chain DEX data via API

The new update expands CoinGecko’s API coverage to 2.2 million tokens across 2.5 million liquidity pools.

Bitcoin breaks ATH against a dozen currencies as BTC price breaches $59K

The new BTC ATH against several fiat currencies shows their declining market value due to rising inflation.

Privacy-focused Aleo says KYC leak is copy and paste error

According to Aleo’s statement, it has begun implementing new long-term technical controls for its KYC confirmation practices.

Amazon denies using AI voice in Road House remake

Road House scriptwriter Lance Hill sued Amazon Studios for alleged misuse of AI and copyright infringement during the movie’s upcoming remake.

Bitcoin approaches $60,000 after 3.7% daily gain

The last time Bitcoin traded at similar levels was in November 2021 before correcting from its all-time high of $68,789.

Palm-scanning identity protocol gets funding from over 20 VCs

Humanity Protocol claims it offers a less invasive alternative than iris scans, seemingly taking a jab at the popular digital identity project Worldcoin.

FTX founder SBF asks for a 6.5-year sentence, tells prison guards to invest in Solana

A report published in The New York Times claimed SBF is giving investment advice to prison guards, reportedly asking them to invest in Solana.

IRS hires 2 private-sector crypto experts to prep for tax season

The IRS will use the funding from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), a federal law aimed at curbing inflation, to build compliance in emerging areas, which includes digital assets as a top priority.

OpenAI accuses New York Times of hacking AI models in copyright lawsuit

The “hacking” OpenAI mentions in the filing could also be called prompt engineering or “red-teaming,” according to The New York Times’ attorney.

Elizabeth Warren wants ‘level playing field’ for crypto and Big Tech AI blocks

The U.S. senator wants crypto and traditional finance to play by the same rules and for tech giants to be barred from developing AI models in a bid to ensure competition.

‘The Nine’ spot Bitcoin ETFs see $2B volume for 2nd straight day

BlackRock's ETF also notched a new record $1.3 billion in daily volume in what an analyst described as “another intense volume day” for the funds.

DeFi risk manager Gauntlet partners with Morpho days after dumping Aave

The DeFi risk management firm made the jump to Morpho less than a week after parting ways with rival lending protocol Aave.