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Ankr says no one should trade aBNBc, only LPs "caught off guard" will be compensated

The company stated it would be discontinuing aBNBc and aBNBb tokens 'effective immediately,' and that "new ankrBNB tokens will be minted and airdropped to affected aBNBc and aBNBb users."

Crypto Community weighs in on SBF’s ‘apology tour’

The former FTX CEO is receiving major backlash for his New York Time DealBook Summit and Good Morning America interviews.

How smart contracts can improve efficiency in healthcare

From insurance to telehealth, smart contracts are finding use cases across the healthcare industry.

Trader allegedly saw over 5000x gains after Ankr protocol hack

Ankr protocol announced that it will be reissuing aBNBc tokens, promising that it will assess the situation and compensate affected users.

New Cardano algorithmic stablecoin evokes old fears for the community

“I thought we already figured this out, algorithmic stablecoins, not the best option,” a community member wrote on Twitter.

Hong Kong working on investor protection regulations, says central bank exec

Hong Kong central bank executive looked optimistic about the future of decentralized tech, while the Korean central bank governor has his doubts in the wake of the recent crypto contagion.

This AI chatbot is either an exploiter's dream or their nightmare

The crypto community has come across an AI-powered chatbot that can be used to audit smart contracts and expose vulnerabilities.

Trader Joe takes its first step into the Ethereum ecosystem

Despite the new multi-chain vision, the Trader Joe team confirmed that its “true home” and “top priority for all growth efforts” will continue to be on Avalanche.

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried denies "improper use" of customer funds

According to the former CEO, at the time of filing for bankruptcy “FTX US was solvent.”

Fantom wants to cut token burn rate by 75% to fund dApp rewards program

"Fantom will become the youtube/twitch of blockchain platforms," commented ecosystem architect Andre Cronje.

Bitcoin Depot says SPAC merger will continue as planned after solid revenue growth

The firm's revenue increased by 25.25% to $497.2 million in the first nine months of 2022.

Solana-based market maker integrates Stripe for fiat-crypto transactions

The Solana-based automated market maker Orca opened up fiat purchases and fiat-to-crypto transactions through a new integration with Stripe’s onramp.

Socios boss’ goal? To knock crypto out of the park

Party-to-earn: Blockchain breaking down the doors in electronic music community

With access getting more exclusive and ticket prices rising, electronic music fans are at the heart of a new push to rebalance the scene.

Russia's Sber bank integrates Metamask into its blockchain platform

Russia’s largest lender is moving into DeFi and Web3 by integrating its blockchain platform with the Ethereum blockchain.

BlackRock CEO: FTX Token caused downfall, but tech still revolutionary

Despite taking issue with tokens created by centralized exchanges, BlackRock’s CEO sees securities tokenization as the next evolution of the financial market.

Axie Infinity is toxic for crypto gaming

Axie Infinity, like most cryptocurrency games, has provided players with an awful experience.

Coinbase clarifies bug bounty policy in response to Uber extortion verdict

The policy clarification stated that participants cannot make threats, use extortion, or access customer data beyond what is accidental or occurs in good faith.

Kraken cuts workforce by 30% in an effort to survive crypto winter

According to the CEO, the exchange grew too fast to accommodate the fast-growing crypto ecosystem

Telegram founder wants to build new decentralized tools to combat power abuse

The messaging platform is building a set of decentralized tools, including noncustodial wallets and decentralized exchanges.