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Game studios quietly integrate blockchain without the buzzword

Blockchain technology is facing backlash from players and gaming developers, forcing some studios to avoid “buzzwords” tied with Web3.

Lawmakers’ fear and doubt drives proposed crypto regulations in US

If the Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act were to become law, many cryptocurrency providers would have to learn how to comply with the same regulations as traditional financial institutions.

Bitcoin halving, BTC ETF hype driving price up into 2024 — NBX Berlin

Several macro events are contributing to increased interest in Bitcoin, its price and a knock-on effect on the wider markets.

IEEE to issue blockchain skill certificates on Avalanche in India

Avalanche was selected as the primary settlement layer for IEEE’s certificate issuance because of the need for an ecosystem compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Web3 gaming trends in 2024: Execs weigh in on blockchain gaming future

Wemade CEO Henry Chang said that as more developers gain confidence, there will be greater experimentation and more complex use of blockchain elements in games.

Michael Jackson’s first-ever studio demo to be released on blockchain

Over five decades after Michael Jackson recorded a demo version of the song “Big Boy,” it’s set to be released globally on the blockchain as digital vinyl through the blockchain music platform Anotherblock.

France’s 3rd-largest bank, Société Générale, launches euro-pegged stablecoin

The euro-pegged stablecoin will be the first of its kind in the region and will be available to the bank’s customer base for trading use.

Bitcoin Ordinals ORDI token tops $1B market cap after 850% monthly gain

Following an outsized rally, ORDI became the first BRC-20 token to breach a $1 billion market capitalization.

Debt Box urges judge to toss suit, says SEC got case ‘badly wrong’

The SEC initially misled a court to freeze Debt Box’s assets, which has since been reversed, with the firm citing the incident as grounds to dismiss the suit.

IBM unveils new air-gapped cold storage solution for digital assets

The new system works a lot like a time delay safe for digital assets with a policy engine to broker communications.

HashKey Exchange to onboard market makers to boost liquidity

“To incentivize more users to provide liquidity, we will officially launch the market maker project starting from 2023/12/28,” the exchange wrote.

Bitcoin custodian Nostr Assets pauses deposits after reaching 'maximum capacity'

"Please refrain from deposits at the moment. Inbound at max capacity," wrote one community manager.

Expect ‘records broken’ by Bitcoin ETF: Brett Harrison (ex-FTX US), X Hall of Flame

Brett Harrision (ex-FTX US) dishes the dirt on the “insecure, prideful” SBF and tips a spot Bitcoin ETF will shatter the futures ETF’s records

Societe Generale issues its first green bond on Ethereum

The unsecured bond has a value of 10 million euros and a maturity of three years, with all the proceeds going for eligible green activities investments.

BlackRock received $100K seed funds for Bitcoin ETF — SEC filing

BlackRock and other financial giants have entered the race to launch the first spot Bitcoin ETF in the United States.

Capital flight from Binance subsides: Report

“It’s business as usual,” Nansen wrote in evaluating Binance’s data.

Real AI & crypto use cases, No. 4: Fight AI fakes with blockchain

We need to fight fake AI content using blockchain because otherwise “sh*t will get really weird, says Near founder Illia Polosukhin

Pudgy Penguins GIFs top 10B views, CEO sets sights on Disney, Hello Kitty: NFT Creator 

Pudgy Penguins now has 1M Instagram followers and is stocked in 2000 Walmarts. CEO Luca Schnetzler, 25, explains where everything went right.

Rarible’s RARI Foundation taps Arbitrum for royalty-embedded EVM chain

Rarible has cemented its commitment to NFT royalty enforcement by launching a testnet for an EVM-compatible chain with embedded royalties at the node level.

US regulators doing ‘good job of alienating’ crypto sector — Cardano founder

Charles Hoskinson took a jab at the perceived inconsistency in applying decentralization standards by the U.S. SEC.