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21Shares Ether ETF to waive fees for up to 6 months

21Shares joins other Ethereum exchange-traded fund issuers that are slashing fees to woo investors.

Vitalik Buterin warns of politicians claiming to be ‘pro-crypto’

The Ethereum co-founder said he had observed the Russian government espousing crypto while acting as an authoritarian regime.

Bitcoin sale nets German government $2.8B

The Dresden Public Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed the emergency sale of 49,858 Bitcoin between June 19 and July 12, 2024, in connection with the Movie2k investigation.

Bitcoin miner Cipher receives takeover offer, considers sale: Report

Cipher’s initial public offering was in 2021. Its current market cap is more than $2 billion.

StarkWare verifies first zero-knowledge proof on Bitcoin

StarkWare’s milestone opens the door for ZK-based layer-2 solutions, enhancing Bitcoin’s scalability and global payment capabilities.

King Charles lays out Labour gov’t plan for UK, with crypto unmentioned

During the State Opening of Parliament in May 2022, the UK government, led by Conservatives, introduced two bills concerning cryptocurrencies.

Trump weighing Bitcoin hater Jamie Dimon for US Treasury

The former president could reveal more details at the Bitcoin Conference in Nashville from July 25 through 27.

Grayscale launches new decentralized AI fund

The fund is available only for accredited investors. Its basket includes native tokens from Bittensor, Filecoin, Livepeer, Near and Render.

Valour launches first ETP for Near Protocol’s native token

The exchange-traded product will be available on Sweden’s Spotlight Stock Market.

Nansen partners with Aptos for dashboard after chain users 2x in 6 months

Aptos is among the firms aiming to ease Web3 onboarding, along with industry giants like Coinbase and MetaMask.

German gov’t was rushing to sell Bitcoin to maximize liquidity: Arkham CEO

Using five different crypto exchanges suggests that the wallet sought to maximize liquidity on each order book and sell Bitcoin as soon as possible.

Missing words in a seed phrase: How many are recoverable?

Remembering and deliberately missing a few words from a seed phrase backup is not a good idea, as one can hack up to four words.

Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh may be crypto’s sleeping giant: Crypto City Guide

While crypto may still operate in a gray space in Saudi Arabia, the country’s talent pool and burgeoning gaming sector hold promise for Web3.

Worldcoin faces ‘scam’ allegations after extending token lockup by 2 years

Worldcoin faces allegations of price manipulation after delaying unlocking 80% of its native tokens.

Bitcoin L2s help crypto miners in Asia supplement income with staking

Bitcoin L2s remain crucial to the Asian crypto ecosystem, offering miners new revenue streams after the most recent halving.

Nigeria begins review of its blockchain technology policy

The steering committee’s work is actively toward Nigeria taking a leadership position in African blockchain development.

Over 36% of Mt. Gox Bitcoin distributed to creditors, but whales keep accumulating

Bitcoin whales continue accumulating, despite the potential sell pressure from Mt. Gox creditors, which could see 99% of investors selling.

Hong Kong unveils new stablecoin licensing regime

The Hong Kong FSTB and HKMA outline plans for a new regulatory framework for stablecoin issuers following broad public support and stakeholder feedback.

New risk assessment guidelines for DeFi protocols unveiled

The EEA’s new guidelines aim to establish a standard for mitigating risks in DeFi protocols, which will benefit regulators, developers and users alike.

New tool enables ‘No Code’ blockchain deployment

BVM Studio introduces a no-code solution for blockchain deployment, promising accessible and quick blockchain creation with a drag-and-drop interface.