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KyberSwap hacker demands complete control over Kyber company

The hacker demanded the surrender of all Kyber company assets, both on-chain and off-chain, including shares, equity and tokens.

Hong Kong securities association suggests ICO to boost economy

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Professional Association also suggested that the region’s authorities could implement Islamic Banking.

Can Sony and Microsoft bring blockchain to gaming consoles?

Sony and Microsoft are angling to get into crypto gaming. Will they be able to succeed where others in the industry have failed?

Outrage that ChatGPT won’t say slurs, Q* ‘breaks encryption’, 99% fake web: AI Eye

Elon Musk claims ChatGPT has been infected with “woke mind virus”, 4chan thinks OpenAI broke all encryption, and the web seems 99% AI fakes.

Square Enix auction dates, Azuki DAO rebrands to Bean: Nifty Newsletter

Game developer Square Enix announced the auction dates for NFTs of its upcoming blockchain game Symbiogenesis.

ParaSpace to continue NFT lending as it rebrands to Parallel Finance

The protocol will expand to liquid staking and layer-2 solutions while retaining its NFT lending services.

KyberSwap hacker wants control, law firm says Aussie DeFi tax rules ‘non-binding’: Finance Redefined

Law firm Cadena Legal said that the guidance released by the Australian Taxation Office is “non-binding” and must be treated as “toilet paper.”

Real AI use cases in crypto: Crypto-based AI markets, and AI financial analysis

Increasing numbers of blockchain marketplaces offer crowdsourced data and compute for AI models — and can AI analysis improve fund returns?

KuCoin pledges $20K grant to TON Foundation for ecosystem development

The funding will support TON ecosystem projects, research and development efforts, community-building and marketing activities.

Hashing It Out: A case for Web3 chat apps with Push Protocol’s Harsh Rajat

Harsh Rajat, founder and project lead of Push Protocol, explains the surge in the development of Web3 chat applications on the latest episode of Hashing It Out.

Starknet token distribution not yet finalized despite speculation over portal screenshots

The Starknet Foundation is warning community members to be on the lookout for scams relating to circulating screenshots of early iterations of a token distribution portal.

FTX and Alameda Research cash out $10.8M to Binance, Coinbase, Wintermute

The latest transfer was spread across eight tokens: StepN (GMT), Uniswap (UNI), Synapse (SYN), Klaytn (KLAY), Fantom (FTM), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Arbitrum (ARB) and Optimism (OP).

United Nations agency to upskill thousands of staff in blockchain tech

The UN Development Programme, which is tasked with eliminating poverty in over 170 countries, wants to educate its 22,000 staff on distributed ledger technology.

Another $18.9M Hong Kong exchange scandal, HTX ‘sorry’ airdrop: Asia Express

Hong Kong rocked by another $18.9 exchange fraud scandal, HTX offers airdrop in wake of $30M hack, and digital yuan takes off in HK and China.

IOTA makes 40%+ move after $100M ecosystem foundation announcement

IOTA price saw a high volume surge that took the altcoin to a near one-year high, but are there reasons to support further upside?

El Salvador’s Bitcoin portfolio swings to profit

The country’s Bitcoin investment has returned to profit after a devastating crypto winter.

Envision partners with HBAR and UN on new digitization platform for carbon markets

Envision Blockchain and the HBAR Foundation have teamed up with the UN to create a new suite of decentralized tech to streamline the complex carbon markets.

Platypus exploiters walk free after claiming to be ‘ethical hackers’

While Mohammed M. and his brother were cleared of all criminal charges, 7.8 million euros worth of crypto tokens became inaccessible after getting stuck in a wallet.

Safe Wallet scammer steals $2M through 'address poisoning' in one week

A malicious actor behind at least $5 million in crypto theft through “address poisoning" significantly ramped up attacks against Safe Wallet users in the last week.

Crypto Biz: UAE’s regulatory structure draws crypto firms, Canaan’s revenue slumps, and more

The United Arab Emirates increasingly attracts Web3 companies to its jurisdictions, becoming the center of global crypto innovation.