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Bitcoin ETFs legitimized the crypto industry for investors — Storm Partners

The approval of the Bitcoin ETFs has offered investors a welcome sign of relief beyond the first publicly traded Bitcoin-based products.

Kraken-CertiK saga turns murky as part of exploited funds go ‘missing’

Kraken is planning to take legal action against security firm CertiK as the “white hat” operation by the security firm turns into a legal blunder.

Bitcoin miner reserves drop to lowest in 14 years

Miners are holding the least Bitcoin on their balance sheets since February 2010, but the fiat value of their reserves is hovering around an all-time high.

Kenya drops Worldcoin probe — ‘No further police action’

After suspending Worldcoin operations in August 2023, Kenyan authorities have finally dropped a probe against the firm, potentially paving the way for its comeback.

Bitcoin price rebound may hit in 10 days as Fed liquidity ‘rips higher’

Bitcoin price behavior — including its run to all-time highs in March — is displaying an uncanny correlation to Fed liquidity.

Cop intercepts $40K Bitcoin ATM scam by Chase Bank impersonator

The officer intervened during the Bitcoin ATM deposit, preventing the victim from depositing more funds into the machine.

Binance fined $2.25M by India’s Financial Intelligence Unit

India’s financial watchdog issued charges against Binance after reviewing written and oral submissions from the Binance director and available company records.

ASX’s first Bitcoin ETF taps $1.3M volume on first trading day

The first Bitcoin ETF on Australia’s main stock exchange traded 96,476 shares throughout the day.

DeFi Technologies slams ‘defamatory’ report that tanked its stock 28%

The ETP issuer says a Tuesday CoinSnacks report was likely “commissioned by short sellers,” which the crypto-focused newsletter has denied.

‘Pharma Bro’ claims Barron Trump holds private keys to DJT token

Convicted felon Martin Shkreli, also known as “Pharma Bro,” claims Barron Trump is the true creator behind the DJT token — which was even “approved” by Donald Trump.

ETH valuation metric is ‘heating up,’ but analyst says it’s not overvalued

CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju noted that while Ethereum’s MVRV is rising quickly, onchain activity levels suggest it may not be overvalued.

Meta loses bid to wriggle out of billionaire’s crypto scam ad lawsuit

Meta cited a section of a 1996 federal law in an attempt to escape a crypto ad lawsuit from Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest, but a U.S. federal judge said it wasn’t enough.

Stablecoins to make up 10% of money in the next decade or so: Circle CEO

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire revealed four of the biggest reasons he’s “more optimistic” about crypto and stablecoins than ever before.

Bitcoin exchange reserve metric hits 3-year low

Low exchange balances indicate low selling pressure and could trigger a supply shock as institutional investors continue to accumulate Bitcoin.

Ethereum (ETH) price fails to rally in the face of good news — Here is why

Ether’s failure to respond to good news could be rooted in investors’ perception that macroeconomic conditions are worsening.

Ex-OpenAI chief scientist Ilya Sutskever launches SSI to focus on AI safety

The new company will develop AI safety and capabilities in tandem.

Binance to appeal $4.4M fine from Canadian regulator

The cryptocurrency exchange announced plans to exit the Canadian market in 2023 but may still face enforcement action from local regulators.

Oslo Freedom Forum: The best Bitcoin conference that isn’t about Bitcoin

If I had to choose one Bitcoin conference to attend, it would be the Oslo Freedom Forum — and it's technically not even about Bitcoin.

VC Roundup: Investors double down on funding for crypto, blockchain startups

This edition of Cointelegraph’s VC roundup features Plural Energy, Everclear, Ava Protocol, GoPlus and other startups.

Bitcoin grabs top 3 all-time NFT sales record, Ronin unveils zkEVM for gaming: Nifty Newsletter

Bitcoin NFTs surpass Ronin in all-time sales volume, achieving over $4.27 billion and climbing to third place behind Solana and Ethereum.