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Crypto markets see flood of Queen Elizabeth memecoins and NFTs

There is a long list of new tokens with names in poor taste such as Queen Elizabeth Inu, Save the Queen, Queen, QueenDoge, London Bridge is Down and Rip Queen Elizabeth.

Former Meta execs raise $300M to ‘accelerate adoption’ of Sui blockchain

Investors included FTX Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Jump Crypto, a16z, Circle Ventures, among others.

Polygon CSO blames Web2 security gaps for recent spate of hacks

Polygon's chief of security says his department now employs 10 experts to ensure top-notch cyber security practices are adopted, recommending other crypto firms do the same.

Everyone’s talking about the Ethereum Merge: New report reveals the most interested countries

Singapore took the top spot by a landslide as the world’s most interested country in the upcoming Merge based on frequency of search terms in the weeks leading up to the event.

DeFi DApps activity rises 3.7% in August for first time since May — Report

Despite a slight recovery, DeFi TLV has lost $250 billion this year.

The Sandbox's Instagram account compromised, hackers try to rent BAYC NFTs

Hackers redirected The Sandbox followers to a fake raffle giveaway URL and even tried to rent Bored Ape NFTs from Instagram users.

Crypto investors backed by Coinbase sue U.S. Department of Treasury after Tornado Cash sanctions

Coinbase says that the Treasury overstepped its authority in issuing the Tornado Cash sanctions.

Law enforcement recovers $30 million from Ronin Bridge hack with the help of Chainalysis

Chainalysis Crypto Incident Response team helped law enforcement trace stolen funds to cash out points and for their subsequent freeze.

ETH Merge will change the way enterprises view Ethereum for business

Industry experts explain how the Ethereum Merge will impact enterprise adoption for business use cases.

Insiders’ guide to real-life crypto OGs: Part 1

Animoca confirms $110M round led by Temasek, plans new acquisitions

Singapore government-backed investor Temasek is known for crypto-related investments but is yet to do its first direct investment in crypto.

What is Blocklords? And how to earn money playing it

Blocklords is set to transform Web3 gaming with its player-driven economy. Find out how to play Blocklords and earn while playing here.

Community calls out bots spamming crypto Twitter threads

Members of the crypto community brought up the issue of Twitter bots and urged the social platform to do something.

Algorand upgrade boosts speed, adds trustless cross-chain communication

Algorand has increased its transaction speed, processing capacity and cross-chain functionality with a major upgrade.

Aave devs look set to receive $16.3M via retroactive funding

A proposal to reward members of the Aave Companies with $16.28 million in retroactive funding for the development of V3 of the Aave Protocol looks set to pass.

Ether price could 'decouple' from other crypto post Merge — Chainalysis

Chainalysis suggests ETH could decouple from other cryptocurrencies post Merge as its staking rewards could make it similar to bonds or commodities.

Bitcoin is a 'wild card' set to outperform, says Bloomberg analyst

The commodity strategist has pegged Bitcoin to rebound strongly from the bear market despite headwinds for high-risk assets.

Avalanche flash loan exploit sees $371K in USDC stolen

The scammer deployed a custom smart contract, leveraging a $51 million flash loan to manipulate the AVAX/USDC Trader Joe LP pool price for a single block.

ENS domains surpass BAYC’s trading volume: Nifty Newsletter, Aug 31–Sept 6

NFT trading platform OpenSea announced that it will not be supporting any forked NFTs that may show up after the Ethereum Merge.

Binance US launches low-barrier Ethereum staking ahead of The Merge

Users can receive up to 6.0% APY with 0.001 ETH staking minimums, but risks apply.