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Michael Saylor to forever buy Bitcoin — ‘No reason to sell the winner’

The MicroStrategy executive chair claimed Bitcoin was superior to gold and real estate and predicted that capital from those assets would make its way into the cryptocurrency.

Winklevoss twins donate $4.9M to crypto super PAC Fairshake

Fairshake, a political action committee supported by Coinbase and a16z, has a $73 million war chest to oppose anti-crypto candidates and support those in favor of digital assets.

Hack VC raises $150M to back crypto and AI startups

Hack is looking to invest in the most “capital-efficient” DeFi projects as well as solutions that prevent smart contract and protocol hacks.

Stellar launches smart contracts following bug fix delays

The Stellar Development Foundation has finally rolled out Stellar smart contracts after 16 months on testnet.

Australia’s Bitcoin sentiment jumps after US spot Bitcoin ETF approvals

The rise in positive sentiment was skewed heavily by those aged 55 and above, where Bitcoin sentiment increased by 100%.

Circle to cease minting USDC on Tron Network effective immediately

The U.S.-based stablecoin issuer said it would discontinue minting USDC on the Tron network “to ensure that USDC remains trusted.”

VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF notches 1,400% daily trading volume increase

VanEck and WisdomTree’s Bitcoin ETFs saw significant trading volume upticks out of the blue, with analysts at a loss for why it happened.

Bitcoin price rejects at $53K as futures open interest hits a 2-year high

Bitcoin price surged to $53,000 today. Cointelegraph explains why.

Crypto advocacy group calls on Senate Banking Chair not to support Elizabeth Warren’s AML bill

The Chamber of Digital Commerce claimed Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown were “trying to kill the entire industry” with the Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Data points to approaching altcoin season even as Bitcoin dominance holds

Bitcoin dominance remains strong at 52%, but on-chain and technical data suggest that altcoin season is fast approaching.

Turkey releases first-phase digital lira project evaluation report

The digital Turkish lira is set to be an intermediated CBDC with self-sovereign identity and offline transfers.

Starknet airdrop largely successful despite controversies

The protocol's total diluted market capitalization has since surpassed $20 billion.

Bitcoin futures open interest near ‘alarm raising’ $24B level — Are bulls at risk?

BTC futures open interest approaches a record high and today’s sharp sell-off triggered alarm from traders.

Oxford economist who predicted crypto going mainstream says ‘quantum economics’ is next

David Orrell literally wrote the book on Quantum Economics.

Hong Kong regulator issues guidance letters to institutions on tokenization, custody

The two letters, each several pages long, mainly urge common sense and adherence to widely accepted standards.

Alex Mashinsky waives right to ‘conflict-free representation’ after concerns about lawyers

Former FTX CEO Bankman-Fried is scheduled to return to court on Feb. 21 for a similar hearing regarding potential conflicts of interest in his legal representation.

$56M moved from defunct exchange after executives fled: Report

The Atom Asset Exchange had over 2 million registered accounts prior to its collapse in November 2022.

Coinbase earnings suggest strong year ahead, though challenges abound

Coinbase's quarterly earnings report released last week indicated the company is well-positioned to tap into a number of growing revenue streams.

ChatGPT can write smart contracts; just don’t use it as a security auditor

Researchers from Salus Security tested GPT-4 and other artificial intelligence systems’ ability to detect seven common security vulnerabilities.

BTC price spikes to $53K, but resistance catches up with Bitcoin bulls

Bitcoin bulls see swift rejection after attempting to break a week-long BTC price trading range, while open interest remains above $22 billion.