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South Korea issues arrest warrant for Terra Founder Do Kwon

A court located in Seoul, South Korea issued a warrant for the arrest of Kwon and five other people who are currently in Singapore.

Emerging markets lead global adoption index: Chainalysis report

Lower-middle income countries hold a majority of the positions in the top 20 countries in terms of crypto adoption.

Bitcoin is the perfect settlement layer to build apps on top of: Hiro CEO

Bitcoin programmability may also help further drive Bitcoin adoption as both a technical and financial layer in our society, which in turn may “drive up the price” over the long term.

$491B asset manager KKR’s health care fund tokenized on Avalanche

To access the fund on the Securitize protocol, investors need to submit their passport, fill out personal and tax information and complete a "liveness check."

ETHW Core to push on with Ethereum PoW fork 24 hours after Merge

ETHW Core plans to split off from the main ETH blockchain and maintain a PoW version to keep ETH mining alive beyond The Merge.

Linux to launch Foundation to support digital wallet development

The foundation apparently does not intend to create its own digital wallet, however. Its' goal is to make it easier for companies to create wallets for themselves.

SWIFT and Symbiont announce corporate data blockchain pilot

The message-system processes over five billion transactions a year and seeks to maintain its relevance by integrating disruptive technologies to its business.

Filecoin service provider announces move to Singapore in light of tightening restrictions in China

The service provider also announced the launch of a new system upgrade to increase yield efficiency.

NFT creator Doodles raises $54M in funding at $704M valuation

The firm said it will use the money from the raise to further enhance its intellectual property.

New regulatory bill grants Uruguayan Central Bank control over the nation's crypto industry

The Uruguayan government introduced legislation to the parliament on Sept. 5, accelerating industry regulation.

Hyperledger announced new members at commencement of global forum

The group said the addition of its newest members will introduce a diversity of innovations and accelerate the development of decentralized technologies.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says investing in crypto is not an escape from inflation

Canada's inflation rose to 40-year highs this year while Bitcoin's price plummeted in the same period.

Ethereum is eating the world — ‘You only need one internet’

“Is there a need for more than one internet? And we know the answer is ‘Hell no.’”

Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb adds space station-building to resume

Stellar's CTO and co-founder is now building a team of industry experts and engineers to pioneer a new frontier of space exploration.

Mean Girls set to make Web3 comeback as “crypto-collectibles”

Newly filed trademarks from Paramount Pictures suggest elements of the teen cult classic may come back in the form of "crypto-collectibles" and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Merge 'jitters' sees outflow from Ether-based investment products

CoinShares' head of research James Butterfill said the outflows come despite "the improved certainty of the Merge."

Tokenization of illiquid assets to reach $16T by 2030 — Report

A large chunk of the world's wealth today is locked in illiquid assets, notes the report's authors.

GameFi fundraising jumps 135% in August, but is still down from June: Report

Web3 games and Metaverse projects have raised $748 million in funds last month.

Tether USDT stablecoin goes live on Near Protocol to boost DeFi presence

Tether USDT is now live on 11 blockchain networks, including the Near Network, Polygon, Kusama, Ethereum, Omni and others.

Starbucks announces new NFT experience for coffee members

The nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are minted on a proof-of-stake blockchain built by Polygon.