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How blockchain improves daily healthcare routine, explained

Blockchain enhances daily healthcare by securing patient data, streamlining coordination and minimizing errors for efficient care delivery.

Bitcoin ETF race has a new player, Binance ends support for BUSD, and more: Hodler’s Digest: Nov. 26 – Dec. 2

Bitcoin ETF race has a new entrant, Binance is ending support for the BUSD stablecoin, and ChatGPT’s first year in review.

Madeira seeks to boost economy with startups, innovative payment system

The Madeira Blockchain 2023 conference showcased the region's efforts to become an emerging technology hub in the Atlantic.

KyberSwap announces treasury grants for hack victims

The grant is designed to ease the financial burden on affected individuals and will equal the USD equivalent of the assets lost in the security breach.

SEC faces sanctions threat as Judge questions DEBT Box case accuracy

Initially, the SEC, led by attorney Michael Welsh, had convinced the court to freeze DEBT Box’s assets, arguing the company was moving to Dubai, beyond U.S. regulatory reach.

Inferno Drainer says it’s shutting down after helping steal $70M in crypto

“We hope you can remember us as the best drainer that has ever existed,” wrote the scam-as-a-service wallet drainer.

Blast’s marketing approach “cheapens the work of a serious team” — Paradigm

Paradigm, one of Blast’s seed investors, criticized the protocol’s decision to launch a bridge before its L-2 and withdraw capability.

Cosmos Hub greenlights ATOM inflation cut for security boost

The proposal secured a narrow passage, garnering 41.1% approval votes compared to 38.5% disapproval, marking the highest turnout vote in the Cosmos ecosystem.

BlackRock meets with SEC over ETF, Binance’s new era begins and SBF loses release bid: Hodler’s Digest, Nov. 19-25

BlackRock meets with SEC over Bitcoin ETF, Binance’s new era begins after settlement in the United States and Sam Bankman-Fried loses release bid.

Decentralized file sharing, explained

Decentralized file sharing is a peer-to-peer network system where files are distributed across multiple nodes, eliminating the need for a central server.

BitMEX co-founder predicts Bitcoin surge amid dollar liquidity rise

Arthur Hayes encouraged fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts to stay focused, highlighting a significant uptick in dollar liquidity.

Azuki DAO rebrands to ‘Bean’ as it drops lawsuit against founder

The DAO previously proposed a lawsuit against Azuki creator Zagabond over a dilutive $39 million NFT minting that took place in June.

Blockchain devs expect complications from EU smart contract kill switch

The EU’s Data Act could introduce “kill switch” requirements for smart contracts, raising questions about how decentralized projects would handle such a scenario.

Hashing It Out: A conversation about spot Bitcoin ETFs and decentralized ETFs

Joel Kuck, CEO of Decentralized ETF, believes that “the big money will come when the institutions come” after the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the United States.

KyberSwap hacker offers $4.6 million bounty for return of $46 million loot

"On the table is a bounty equivalent to 10% of users’ funds taken from them by your hack," said KyberSwap to its hacker in an on-chain message.

Crypto Thanksgiving: community hails industry milestones, expresses gratitude

A community member compared crypto to a turkey that takes time to cook and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to invest in its technology.

HTX hacked again for $13.6M, 100K Koreans test CBDC, Binance 2.0: Asia Express

HTX hacked for $13.6M — the ecosystem’s fourth hack in recent months — 100K Koreans test out CBDC, and Binance is dead, long live Binance!

HTX to restore services 'within 24 hours' after $13.6M hack

"Huobi HTX has now properly handled this attack," the crypto exchange stated.

Solana’s genesis story — Anatoly Yakovenko's vision for a high-performance blockchain

Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko recounts the “eureka moment” that birthed the blueprint for the layer one smart contract protocol aimed to be “hyper-optimized” and “fast as possible”.

Bitcoin user pays $3.1M in transition fee for one 139 BTC transfer

A Mempool developer suggested that the user behind the transfer might not be aware of the non-cancellation of replacement fees policy, resulting in an accidental $3.1 million transaction fee.