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Bitcoin traders forecast ‘splendid’ bullish price action now that BTC is above $65K

Multiple Bitcoin price metrics point to an incredibly bullish “post-halving growth trajectory.”

Ripple backs Deaton with $1M donation in senate race against Warren

Ripple has the back of one its strongest supporters in his attempt to unseat powerful Senate crypto foe Elizabeth Warren.

Blast drops ‘L2’ from X username, reduces withdrawal time from 14 to 7 days

After monitoring withdrawals for four months, the developers concluded that longer withdrawal times were no longer necessary.

Solana traders chase $180 target after SOL gains 13% in 2-days

A surge in Solana network activity, memecoin prices and optimistic derivatives markets could be a sign that SOL is aiming for $180.

VC Roundup: Venture firms push Web3 forward despite macro headwinds

This edition of Cointelegraph’s VC Roundup features Mira, Astria, Compute Labs, BOB, Dora and BITKRAFT Ventures.

Former Tesla, OpenAI exec founds ‘AI native’ education startup Eureka Labs

The startup aims to create virtual teaching assistants using generative AI.

Bitcoin back above $65K as traders shake off Mt. Gox BTC transfers

Traders ignored the news that Mt. Gox transferred billions of dollars in BTC and instead focused on pushing Bitcoin price above $65,000.

Craig Wright admits he’s not Satoshi, issues disclaimer on his website

The Crypto Open Patent Alliance accused Wright of forgery in court and claimed that he “invented an entire biographical history.”

Trump's VP pick, JD Vance, could mean a new era for crypto

J.D. Vance is a Bitcoin holder, and he is the tentative favorite to become America's next vice president. That could mean big things for the crypto industry.

a16z co-founders pledge to support Trump in wake of Vance VP pick: Report

Numerous Silicon Valley insiders are reportedly donating to the Republican presidential nominee.

Palau partners with Soramitsu on blockchain-based bond platform

The Pacific island nation, with a population of 18,000, is a leader in the implantation of blockchain technology.

Kraken tells users that Mt. Gox reimbursement funds have been received

Mt. Gox collapsed in 2014 and only recently began reimbursing injured parties in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Tools of Humanity delays unlock of 80% of WDL tokens

Originally set to unlock over three years, the tokens will now become accessible for early contributors and investors over five years, beginning on July 24, 2024.

Bitcoin bears trapped, but can BTC price surpass $70K by August?

Bitcoin price has confirmed its price reversal, but can it reclaim the $70,000 mark before the end of summer?

MoonPay and Christie’s dip into AI-generated art with new ‘Web3 Tools’

More bridges between Web3 and generative AI are being built as the luxury art auctioneer Christie’s and MoonPay unveil a new art experience at the eighth Art + Tech Summit in a unique gamified event.

Memecoins, RWA, AI lead crypto narratives in Q2 2024

Memecoins, RWA and ARI captured 36% of all CoinGecko web traffic categories in the second quarter of 2024.

Bitcoin eyes Mt. Gox recovery amid warning over BTC price dip to $58K

BTC price attempts to stabilize as traders warn of a possible return below Bitcoin buy support at $60,000.

Coinbase will not mention ‘crypto’ in five years: Avichal Garg, X Hall of Flame

Electric Capital co-founder Avichal Garg believes that spot Bitcoin ETFs have helped ease the blow from the collapse of crypto exchange FTX.

Bitcoin soars on predictions of Trump victory after assassination attempt

The failed assassination attempt on the former US president may (perversely) be good for crypto. “Trump’s victory odds just went up significantly.”

Institutions are more bullish on Ether than retail ahead of ETH ETF launch

Ether price could double during the 2025 bull cycle, thanks to increased institutional interest introduced by ETH ETFs, according to Bybit’s head of institutions.