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40%+ Ethereum PoS nodes are controlled by two addresses says Santiment data

Data released hours after the Merge prompted concerns about the alleged centralization of PoS.

DeData 2022: The advantages of decentralization in Web3

Cointelegraph’s editor-in-chief Kristina Cornèr moderated a panel that discussed what decentralization brings to Web3 at DeData 2022.

Dogecoin becomes second largest PoW cryptocurrency

Following the Ethereum Merge, Dogecoin now only trails Bitcoin as the biggest proof-of-work cryptocurrency.

Gamers want fun, not a grind fest for tokens — Animoca subsidiary

Once blockchain games can offer a similar experience to League of Legends or Fortnite they will become more popular, argues Blowfish Studios' Luke Sillay.

'Green ETH' narrative to drive investment and adoption, says pundits

Post-Merge Ethereum has now detached itself from the “crypto mining is bad for the environment” narrative, following its transition to proof-of-stake.

South Korean prosecutors apply to revoke Do Kwon and other Terra employees' passports

Singapore, where Terra co-founder Do Kwon is currently staying, does not have an extradition treaty with South Korea.

Merge is 'a step in the right direction' to address crypto's energy usage — Rostin Behnam

The CFTC chair said that the Ethereum blockchain’s transition to proof-of-stake, despite reducing energy usage by more than 99%, may not go far enough in resolving the problem.

FTX, Bybit among the first exchanges to launch spot ETHW trading

Bybit officially announced that it launched ETHW trading against the USDT stablecoin, planning to soon open ETHW deposits and withdrawals.

Powers On… Insider trading with crypto is targeted — Finally! Part 2

"Frankly, it’s about time that the SEC and U.S. attorney’s offices focused on real crimes and fraud."

F2Pool, Poolin to start Ethereum PoW mining after ETHW mainnet launch

Together, ETHW mining pools already make up more mining capacity in terms of block share than Ethermine, which opted to shut down mining operations.

The Ethereum Merge is completed: Here's what's next

Ethereum's long-awaited Merge with the Beacon Chain is complete — here's what the long-term roadmap for the continued development of the protocol looks like.

Ethereum community wastes no time minting PoS NFTs right after the Merge

The Merge happened, and now the community watches like proud parents as Ethereum takes its first steps as a proof-of-stake consensus.

How does tokenization help transform illiquid real estate ownership into a liquid one?

Tokenization provides new liquidity to the real estate market by making it easier for people to trade and invest in properties.

Community celebrates the Merge by dropping ETH-inspired art and music

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, tweeted a message to thank everyone that helped make the Merge happen.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin celebrates the Merge: ‘Dream for years’

Moments before the big Ethereum Merge took place, co-founder Vitalik Buterin shared his excitement and PoS vision with the community.

Breaking: Historic day for crypto as Ethereum Merge to proof-of-stake occurs

The Ethereum proof-of-stake consensus mechanism will cut energy consumption by a massive 99.95% compared to the proof-of-work system.

Magic Eden defends launch of NFT royalty enforcement tool

MetaShield works by enabling creators to flag an NFT or blur the image if the listed or traded NFT bypasses creator royalties.

Michael Saylor slams "misinformation" about Bitcoin's energy use

Michael Saylor claims Bitcoin mining could become a clean, profitable, and modern industry that generates hard currency for remote locations in the developing world.

It's on! Where to catch the Ethereum Merge live

The Ethereum Merge will occur when the network reaches a total terminal difficulty of 58750000000000000000000.

The 'launch of a rocket' — Observers on the future of Ethereum post-Merge

With the Ethereum Merge only hours away, Cointelegraph spoke to industry experts about the transition to proof-of-stake today and what to look out for.