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Pixelverse to put Pudgy Penguin character on Telegram mini game

A Pudgy Penguins character integrates into Pixelverse, joining characters like Doge from Dogecoin and Mew from the Solana memecoin MEW.

Li​.Fi protocol is under attack, $10M drained so far

The Li.Fi protocol faces a security breach as hackers exploit a specific contract address, leading to the loss of over $8 million in cryptocurrencies.

Polygon launches upgraded ZK proving system Plonky3

Polygon Labs unveils Plonky3, enhancing Ethereum scalability with improved zero-knowledge proof configurations and modular flexibility for developers.

Proof-of-funds technology seeks to replace exchanges’ reserves reports

Data lake provider Tres is introducing a new mechanism to track exchange and custodian reserves, joining Chainlink and other solutions catering to institutional demand.

Kraken and Tottenham Hotspur score big in crypto partnership

Kraken is now Tottenham Hotspur’s first official crypto and Web3 partner, with the goal of boosting fan engagement and increasing awareness about cryptocurrency.

Are crypto cards still a thing in 2024? Industry weighs in

Self-custody and Lightning Network integrations are anticipated to drive the next milestone in the development of crypto cards.

Mt. Gox repayments will only cause Bitcoin sell pressure among ‘paper hands’ — Analyst

Only the holders with the least conviction will be selling Bitcoin on the Mt. Gox repayment news, according to popular on-chain analyst ZachXBT.

African blockchain venture funding down 74% in H1 2024 — CV Labs

CV VC noted that Africa’s higher blockchain venture activity suggests a regional focus on blockchain solutions to address unique challenges.

Aethir’s GPU-as-a-service hits $36M revenue with 10% monthly growth

The decentralized GPU network puts unused capacity to work for gaming, AI, smartphones and edge computing.

Craig Wright faces perjury charges over false Bitcoin creator claims

Craig Wright’s claims of being Bitcoin’s creator have been debunked, leading to a London judge's referral for alleged perjury.

Ether ETF opens the floodgates for Solana ETFs and crypto products: Analyst

The market could even see the launch of new crypto ETFs with mixed exposure to Bitcoin and Ether, according to prominent ETF analyst Balchunas.

EU Stripe clients now have crypto purchasing power: Report

Stripe has expanded its cryptocurrency integration in the European market, allowing EU clients to purchase cryptocurrencies using their credit or debit cards.

Tokenized US treasuries could reach $3B by end of year

Tokenization could be a multi-trillion market opportunity, according to the world's largest management consulting firm.

Bitcoin price sheds 3% as $6B leaves Mt. Gox cold wallet

Mt. Gox appears to be shifting funds from cold storage in preparation for distribution to creditors, with nearly 100,000 BTC in outflows on July 16.

Mt. Gox shifts $9B in BTC, market braces for impact

Mt. Gox’s cold wallet transfers over 140,000 BTC in a significant move after two weeks of inactivity, causing market concerns.

AT&T should’ve stored their data on the blockchain, exec argues

Chirp founder Tim Kravchunovsky argued that with the technology available today, the AT&T breach is "inexcusable."

Bitcoin indicators flash ‘greed and FOMO’ as ETF inflows top $300M

Key Bitcoin sentiment indicators have quickly flipped into “greed” territory amid a sharp uptick in the crypto market and strengthening Bitcoin ETF inflows.

Synchron, ChatGPT to help paralyzed patients chat and text again

Neurotech firm Synchron has integrated OpenAI’s generative AI tech into its brain-computer interface to help severely paralyzed patients communicate again.

Metaplanet buys another $1.2M of Bitcoin as price rebounds toward $65K

Metaplanet’s share price spiked 22% in the first 30-minutes on the Tokyo Stock Exchange following the news on July 16.

Resurfaced clip shows Trump’s VP pick slamming Gensler’s approach to crypto

Donald Trump’s newly announced running mate, JD Vance, once referred to SEC Chair Gary Gensler as “the worst person” to regulate crypto.