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Digital Currency Group objects to subsidiary Genesis’ settlement with NYAG

DCG claims the settlement was made with the assumption that NYAG would win in court, and it does not observe the parent company’s rights.

Marathon Digital Holdings launches direct Bitcoin transaction submission service

The new service should speed things up for large and/or non-standard Bitcoin transactions.

ERC20 wallet drainer receives UK business registration

A developer of the Nova Drainer phishing protocol has officially registered as a business in the UK.

Empirical analysis identifies blockchain as highest performing information security startup investment

Blockchain outperformed artificial intelligence, machine learning, private cloud, and cloud security.

Stacks (STX) price outperforms the market as interest in layer-2 Bitcoin grows

STX emerges as a top performer as market participants’ interest in layer-2 Bitcoin continues to grow.

Ethena Labs founder clarifies USDe stability amid high yield worries

Young told Cointelegraph that the initial skepticism around USDe’s sustainability is “right” following the pitfalls of the last cycle.

Why is the BNB price up today?

BNB’s price has reached its highest point since November 2022, with an underperforming Bitcoin and a gaming platform launch on Binance Launchpool serving as primary catalysts.

Web3 game Pixels now valued at $2.7B after migration to Ronin

The project had been preparing for its listing on crypto exchange Binance for the past two years.

Valkyrie launches 2x leveraged Bitcoin futures fund

The investment vehicle is listed on the Nasdaq with the ticker symbol BTFX following the 2023 launch of a similar fund under BTFD.

Binance Labs invests in EigenLayer’s liquid restaking service Renzo

Binance Labs is joining a group of venture firms and crypto ecosystems that invested $3.2 million in the startup seed round in January.

Ondo Finance eyes tokenized treasury expansion amid crypto bull market

The tokenization protocol opened its first Hong Kong office last month.

Visa and Mastercard: A boon for wallet holders, a threat to crypto exchanges?

Crypto debit cards aren’t new. But Visa supports 40 cryptocurrencies across an enormous network. “That’s a big deal,” said economist William Luther.

Aave deploys DeFi protocol on BNB Chain

The BNB Chain team said that Aave’s deployment on the network provides their community access to increased liquidity and new lending and borrowing options.

a16z invests $100 million in EigenLayer — report

The investment comes as crypto-related venture capital funding started increasing following the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs.

KuCoin responds to claims of user funds being locked

A KuCoin representative told Cointelegraph that it is already communicating with users to resolve the cases reported on Reddit.

Google updates Gemini AI, apologizes for 'woke' inaccurate imagery

Google updates Gemini AI amid controversy over inaccurate imagery, introducing features while addressing concerns over biased historical depictions.

ECB not convinced by ETF approval in the US, still dislikes Bitcoin

The ECB executives agree that the expectation of spot ETF approvals drove the price of Bitcoin, but they believe it could turn out to be “a flash in the pan.”

3AC’s $700M Worldcoin windfall, China vs the crypto spies: Asia Express

3AC creditors nab $700 million in Worldcoin, foreigners paid crypto to spy on China, USDC to cease Tron support, and more: Asia Express.

Luxury brand blockchain platform Arianee aims to scale, launches L2 on Polygon

Arianee has launched a Polygon CDK-powered layer 2 to issue and manage digital product passports for various luxury brands and companies.

Groq AI's LPU: The breakthrough answer to ChatGPT's GPU woes?

Groq's LPU chip emerges as a potential solution to the challenges faced by AI developers relying on GPUs, sparking comparisons with ChatGPT.