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‘Trusted seller’ vends fake Trezor wallets stealing crypto: Kaspersky

Cryptocurrency users are once again reminded about the importance of using only authentic hardware wallets.

Ordinals turned Bitcoin into a worse version of Ethereum: Can we fix it?

Deluged by NFTs and memecoins, Bitcoin has suddenly become a worse version of Ethereum. There are conflicting ideas about how to fix it.

Libra-related Sui blockchain fixes critical bug that put ‘billions’ at risk

The vulnerability was located in a file that translates human-readable code into machine language for storage.

Optimism’s major ‘Bedrock’ upgrade set for June 6

The much-needed upgrade will provide a number of improvements across the network, and come at a time when competition in the layer 2 space has been heating up.

US Secret Service holds crypto, praises blockchain tech in Reddit AMA

In a crypto-themed AMA session on Reddit on May 15, the U.S. Secret Service answered a wide range of questions and revealed their little-known NFT collection.

Make 500% from ChatGPT stock tips? Bard leans left, $100M AI memecoin: AI Eye

How to create a $100M memecoin with ChatGPT, $50K portfolio handed over to AI targeting 500% return, and will writers have a job in future?

Are ZK-proofs the answer to Bitcoin's Ordinal and BRC-20 problem?

Zero-knowledge proofs could be a viable means to address recent network congestion and high fees on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Samsung to research South Korea's CBDC for offline payments

The collaboration will have both parties researching the offline capabilities of CBDC issued by South Korea’s central bank.

Primordial NFT? Someone tried to sell a JPEG for BTC months before Bitcoin Pizza Day

The seller even got help from Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto, though it's still up in the air whether the artist actually made the "sale."

Coinbase screws up, Florida bans CBDCs, and Ordinals face controversy: Hodler’s Digest, May 7-13

Calls for a boycott of Coinbase over memecoin controversy, Florida’s ban on CBDCs, and the effects of Bitcoin Ordinals on the BTC network.

Ethereum's Beacon Chain is updated after finality issues

Ethereum core developers released patches for Prysm Labs and Teku clients in response to a Beacon Chain issue preventing block finalization.

Ordinals and BRC-20 will disappear in a matter of months, JAN3 CEO says

The hype around Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens is unsustainable and will fade away in a matter of months, according to JAN3 CEO Samson Mow.

Crypto Biz: Ripple’s expensive battle, Bittrex bankruptcy and a new blockchain network

This week’s Crypto Biz explores Arbitrum’s latest proposal, Ripple’s two-year battle with the SEC and a large corporations’ coalition to build blockchain solutions for institutional investors.

MakerDAO publishes 5-phase roadmap featuring funding for open-source AI projects

DAI stablecoin proprietor MakerDAO offered up an AI-heavy roadmap for the future with plans for a new blockchain.

Texas votes to add crypto into state’s bill of rights

Texas lawmakers vote to add digital currency to the state's Bill of Rights, granting individuals the right to use digital currencies like Bitcoin for trading.

Lufthansa, Eurowings, other travel industry players push forward with Web3

After a new travel-focused blockchain hit the scene, major players in the industry are beginning to pivot to integrate Web3 technology.

Big breath as Beacon Chain stops finalizing... and then recovers

The Ethereum mainnet briefly stopped finalizing transactions but recovered after 25 minutes.

Alameda’s $38B IRS bill, Do Kwon kicked in the assets, Milady frenzy: Asia Express

IRS wants $38B in unpaid taxes from Alameda, Milady token surges 3,000%, restraining order for Arthur Hayes over 3AC “threatening” words.

Federal Reserve's FedNow will integrate with Metal Blockchain

The integration will allow users to instantly convert cash to stablecoin for use in DeFi protocols.

BlockGPT launches ‘chat to earn’ ecosystem for training AI

A new Web3 initiative aims to build a ChatGPT-style artificial intelligence system on the blockchain.