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Why Prince Philip of Serbia is bullish on Bitcoin (not crypto)

In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Prince Philip Karageorgevitch, Hereditary Prince of Serbia and Yugoslavia, explains his reason for being bullish on Bitcoin

Number of unique BAYC buyers plunged in August to second-lowest on record

Only 263 unique buyers purchased a piece of the popular NFT collection.

How high transaction fees are being tackled in the blockchain ecosystem

A look at why gas fees can be so expensive and the different ways platforms and users are tackling the high costs.

ETC Group launches crypto ETP based on PoW Ethereum hard fork

ETC Group will continue to rely on Ethereum’s original PoW consensus for its current Ethereum ETP, the firm announced on Wednesday.

Powers On… Insider trading with crypto is targeted — Finally! Part 1

SEBA Bank to provide Ethereum staking services to institutions

SEBA Bank executive Mathias Schütz believes that institutions can also play a role in securing the Ethereum network by staking Ether.

Blockchain and crypto find use case in community powered weather forecasting

WeatherXM has deployed over 700 decentralized weather stations around the world to harvest local data, which provides station owners with utility tokens in return.

FBI seeks Bitcoin wallet information of ransomware attackers

The FBI, along with two other federal agencies, CISA and MS-ISAC, asked U.S. citizens to report information that helps track the whereabouts of the hackers.

Court hears Roche Freedman could create ‘a sideshow’ in the Tether class action

Lawyer Kyle Roche previously withdrew as counsel on several crypto class-action lawsuits, including the Tether and Bitfinex Crypto Asset Litigation.

Ripple advisor teases 'more CBDC announcements in the next few weeks'

The blockchain company has been pushing hard into the CBDC space since piloting its CBDC Private Ledger aimed at central banks in March 2021.

Degens borrowing ETH to get fork tokens create headaches for DeFi platforms

Aave has halted ETH lending until the Merge has gone through, while Compound Finance has opted to cap the number of loans and introduce a “jump” interest rate model.

Ethereum’s Bellatrix upgrade hiccups jangle nerves... but it'll be right on the night

The Bellatrix upgrade was the last major upgrade before the Ethereum Merge, which will transition the network’s consensus mechanism to proof-of-stake.

Mainstream media on the Merge: Risky move or climate nirvana?

While mainstream outlets have generally grasped the complexity of upgrading a major blockchain “mid-flight,” it’s prompted a few to warn about the disruptions should it fail.

VCs pour $14.2B into crypto in H1 2022, but investments now slowing

KPMG noted that despite the expected downfall, investment figures remained well-positioned in comparison to pre-2021 figures, which highlights the growing maturity of the market.

PraSaga awarded U.S. patent for placing computer operating system onto the blockchain

The patent protects claims for processing non-singular message passage transactions on the blockchain.

Circle co-founder says converged dollar books on Binance would be good for USDC

The world's largest crypto exchange announced yesterday it would cease trading support for USDC and auto-covert deposits to its own stablecoin after Sept 29.

1inch users on Optimism to receive airdrop of 300,000 OP tokens

The DEX aggregator and automated market maker was first deployed on the Optimism mainnet in August 2021.

Ethereum co-founder's poll shows people want $100 lifetime .eth domains

Almost 50% of the 91,130 votes answered that the fair price for 100 years of owning a five-letter .eth domain is under $100.

Crypto assets are no longer niche and regulators need to catch up — IMF

Recent failures of crypto issuers, exchanges, and hedge funds have been a major motivator behind better crypto regulation.

Binance: No plans to auto-convert Tether, though that ‘may change’

The crypto exchange was responding to questions from Cointelegraph after announcing it would cease trading support for USDC and two other stablecoins this month.