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How to buy Bitcoin with Venmo

Demystify the world of digital currencies with a detailed guide to purchasing Bitcoin with Venmo and reviewing transaction fees, limits and security precautions.

NFT Collector: William Mapan explains generative art using a crayon and dice

What even is generative art? William Mapan, whose 250-piece Distance collection just sold out at 2ETH each, explains using a crayon and die.

Bitcoin short-term holders 'panic' amid nearly 100% unrealized loss

Bitcoin speculators are dealing with "a degree of panic" as their BTC holdings sit in unrealized loss, says Glassnode.

eToro secures crypto registration in Cyprus to expand in EU

According to eToro deputy CEO Hedva Ber, Europe is “hugely important” for the firm as the majority of eToro users are based in the region.

You can build your own Trezor but here’s the price: DIY wallet engineer

An electronics design manager who made his own Trezor One has assessed the difficulty of building a DIY crypto wallet from scratch. look-alike ‘Alpha’ emerges on Bitcoin network

A new social token network called Alpha has emerged, rivaling the popular platform but built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

What volatility? Bitcoin price dismisses FOMC, Mt. Gox with $26.7K dip

Bitcoin traders get none of the volatility they hoped for, and BTC price slowly drifts back to intraday lows.

Mt. Gox Bitcoin repayment: The day that never comes

Over the years, Mt. Gox has repeatedly backtracked on plans to reimburse the funds that the crypto exchange had barred its users from withdrawing — effective from Feb 25, 2014.

Crypto payment firm Alchemy Pay wins money transmitter license in US

Alchemy Pay has joined the ranks of crypto firms like Coinbase and Jack Dorsey’s Block in securing the Money Transmitter License in Arkansas.

Breaking: Mt. Gox trustee changes repayment deadline to October 2024

Rehabilitation trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi has extended the Mt. Gox repayment deadline by one year.

Bitcoin energy pivot achieves what ‘few industries can claim’ — Bloomberg analyst

Bitcoin's hash rate has continued to increase and yet its emissions intensity has been trending down, contrary to most other industries, Bloomberg analyst Jamie Coutts explained.

Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney talks zk proofs in 25-year-old unearthed footage

A recently resurfaced video shows Hal Finney discussing the possibility of zero-knowledge proofs at an annual cryptology conference in California some 25 years ago.

Meta launches metaverse game, Bitcoin Ordinals creator proposes numbering change: Nifty Newsletter

Meta has rolled out early access for Horizon Worlds on web browsers and mobile devices.

Bitcoin price tests $27K support as Fed holds interest rates at FOMC

Bitcoin weathers the Fed's decision to keep rates at their previous levels, while Chair Jerome Powell reveals the potential for another hike to come this year.

Price analysis 9/20: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, DOGE, SOL, TON, DOT, MATIC

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are likely to witness a pick up in volatility following the Fed’s rate decision on Sep. 20.

‘AI has killed the industry’: EasyTranslate boss on adapting to change

If you’re not transforming your business to take advantage of AI now, you’ll be left behind, says Easy Translate boss Frederik Pedersen.

Bitcoin price eyes $28K as Binance legal battle spurs bullish momentum

Discover how margin and option metrics hint at Bitcoin's path to $28,000 amid the Binance legal battle.

CoinEX to resume service with new wallet system following $70M hack

CoinEx has rebuilt its wallet system following a $70 million hack and is set to resume deposit and withdrawals for select cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoiners are stacking 'em up: Inactive BTC supply hits all-time highs

Inactive Bitcoin addresses have hit all-time highs across 1, 3 and 5 year time domains while BTC outflows from exchanges continue.

Cross margin and isolated margin in crypto trading, explained

Cross margin uses whole balance, and isolated margin allocates specific collateral for each trade, encouraging diversification.