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OpenAI makes ChatGPT ‘less verbose,’ blurring writer-AI distinction

The update could worsen the ongoing challenge of writers sounding like AI despite having written the articles themselves.

Bitcoin Cash open interest folds 47% since halving as price slides

The majority of the asset’s price decline occurred on April 10, with a steep drop of 7.51% in a three-hour window.

Ethereum’s Pectra upgrade to make normal wallets ‘smart’ and improve UX

The update would add an improvement proposal inclusive of new operating instructions for wallets that give them smart contract-like features.

Ethereum’s next hard fork could make lost private keys a thing of the past

The social recovery tool requires users to have first transferred all their assets to an invoker contract, which will perform all future transactions for the user.

Elon Musk’s AI spinoff is seeking $4B that could level up Grok: Report

Musk is seeking investors to back his ChatGPT rival Grok, which has entered a crowded AI chatbot marketplace.

Bitcoin no longer in ‘easy mode’ — expect a leverage wipeout, observers warn

Some crypto traders suggest waiting on the sidelines to avoid getting “rinsed by leverage,” as they can always “play catch up later.”

Technical charts suggest a roaring altseason may be just ahead: Analysts

Bitcoin dominance charts moving sideways may be a reversal signal that could kick off altseason say analysts.

MarginFi outflows $190M as CEO rage quits amid token controversy

Withdrawals from the Solana-based DeFi protocol have reached record levels amid an apparent management meltdown and claims from competitors that it hasn’t met its promises.

GBTC fees will drop when Bitcoin ETFs ‘start to mature’ — Grayscale CEO

Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF may have the highest fees and outflows compared to the competition, but chief Michael Sonnenshein said he’s happy to wait.

El Salvador’s newest Hilton hotel to tap into tokenized debt on Bitcoin

Investors will need to make a minimum $1,000 investment to purchase the token, which will be issued on the Bitcoin layer 2 “Liquid Network” under the ticker HILSV.

Generation Z and millennials choose crypto over stocks — Report

A recent survey by Policygenius found that one in five American adults own cryptocurrencies.

Filecoin staking platform busted, Matrixport says ‘short ETH’: Asia Express

STFIL users’ assets missing after Chinese police heist, Matrixport bets against Ether, HashKey granted retail trading license by SFC, and more!

Pac Finance reportedly causes $24M in liquidations via sudden parameter change

Multiple users on social media claimed they had been liquidated after a Pac Finance admin wallet allegedly changed the parameters for ezETH loans without warning.

Australians wouldn’t value retail CBDC for its privacy or safety, RBA finds

Australians would rather have accounts with commercial banks and keep their data away from the RBA.

Bitcoin derivatives metrics suggest $70K is here to stay

Reduced leverage use in Bitcoin futures greatly reduces the odds of cascading liquidations in the case of a BTC price pullback.

Montenegro’s Justice Minister to decide on Do Kwon’s extradition after court ruling

It’s unclear if the Terraform Labs co-founder’s lawyers intended to appeal the court decision, which would again delay any possible extradition to the United States or South Korea.

Ethereum price weakens against Bitcoin — Here’s why

Ethereum price stagnates in its ETH and BTC pair as investors’ expectations for a spot ETH ETF dwindle.

Worldcoin reaches 10M users, 70M transactions and at least 13 goats bought

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s identity coin startup Worldcoin’s World App now has more daily users in April than its entire monthly user count to start 2024.

Sam Bankman-Fried files to appeal conviction and sentence

The notice of appeal was filed electronically on April 11, nearly two weeks after the former FTX CEO was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

BlackRock could open the door to US-regulated stablecoins

The increasing engagement of Wall Street firms in the stablecoin market may accelerate regulatory advancements and pave the way for a private counterpart to the digital dollar.

Ubisoft teases new blockchain game at Paris Blockchain Week

The AAA game developer aims to launch its first blockchain-based game by the end of 2024.

NASA created VR metaverse to prep astronauts for life on lunar space station

“When they slip on their headsets, they’re not just seeing the station—they’re in it,” according to a NASA blog post.

Nigeria’s government is blaming Binance for its own mismanagement

Nigeria's currency is collapsing because of financial mismanagement. Now, two Binance employees have been entangled in the government's search for scapegoats.

Ghostface Killah Ordinals drop today, Women & Weapons… violent? NFT Collector

Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah drops 10,000 musical Bitcoin Ordinals, Women and Weapons isn’t violent, it’s about strength: NFT Collector.

Web3 developer Community Labs pledges $35M for Arweave ecosystem accelerator

Qualified projects will be able to pitch their products to prominent VCs after the 10-week accelerator.

Chainlink aims to bolster cross-chain security via Transporter

Chainlink aims to make cross-chain bridges, which account for nearly 50% of all value lost to DeFi exploits, more secure.

Sam Bankman-Fried asks to stay in Brooklyn prison for appeal

Judge Lewis Kaplan said at a March 28 sentencing hearing that the former FTX CEO would serve his time at a medium- or low-security prison in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Solana memecoin frenzy raises questions about crypto utility, reputation

The Solana memecoin frenzy has seen several tokens rise to multimillion-dollar market capitalizations within days.

Bitcoin funding rates stay cool while BTC price coils beneath $71K

Bitcoin bulls escape a fresh inlation-induced burn as U.S. PPI figures drop faster than expected and BTC price action challenges $71,000.

Circle enables USDC transfers for BlackRock’s first tokenized fund

BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund, the first tokenized fund launched by BlackRock, can now be transferred to Circle using the USDC stablecoin.