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Ether ETF opens the floodgates for Solana ETFs and crypto products: Analyst

The market could even see the launch of new crypto ETFs with mixed exposure to Bitcoin and Ether, according to prominent ETF analyst Balchunas.

EU Stripe clients now have crypto purchasing power: Report

Stripe has expanded its cryptocurrency integration in the European market, allowing EU clients to purchase cryptocurrencies using their credit or debit cards.

Tokenized US treasuries could reach $3B by end of year

Tokenization could be a multi-trillion market opportunity, according to the world's largest management consulting firm.

Bitcoin price sheds 3% as $6B leaves Mt. Gox cold wallet

Mt. Gox appears to be shifting funds from cold storage in preparation for distribution to creditors, with nearly 100,000 BTC in outflows on July 16.

Mt. Gox shifts $9B in BTC, market braces for impact

Mt. Gox’s cold wallet transfers over 140,000 BTC in a significant move after two weeks of inactivity, causing market concerns.

AT&T should’ve stored their data on the blockchain, exec argues

Chirp founder Tim Kravchunovsky argued that with the technology available today, the AT&T breach is "inexcusable."

Bitcoin indicators flash ‘greed and FOMO’ as ETF inflows top $300M

Key Bitcoin sentiment indicators have quickly flipped into “greed” territory amid a sharp uptick in the crypto market and strengthening Bitcoin ETF inflows.

Synchron, ChatGPT to help paralyzed patients chat and text again

Neurotech firm Synchron has integrated OpenAI’s generative AI tech into its brain-computer interface to help severely paralyzed patients communicate again.

Metaplanet buys another $1.2M of Bitcoin as price rebounds toward $65K

Metaplanet’s share price spiked 22% in the first 30-minutes on the Tokyo Stock Exchange following the news on July 16.

Resurfaced clip shows Trump’s VP pick slamming Gensler’s approach to crypto

Donald Trump’s newly announced running mate, JD Vance, once referred to SEC Chair Gary Gensler as “the worst person” to regulate crypto.

SEC has given ‘preliminary approval’ to at least 3 ETH ETF issuers: Report

BlackRock, Franklin Templeton, and VanEck have reportedly received preliminary approval from the US securities regulator, sources say.

Coinbase narrows subpoena, wants Gensler’s emails during time as SEC Chair

Coinbase initially demanded a subpoena into Gary Gensler’s private communications before his time as SEC Chair but has changed tactics in its latest letter to the judge.

Plaintiffs amend complaint in Tether lawsuit for alleged USDT scheme

The class-action lawsuit alleges Tether and Bitfinix conspired to manipulate crypto market prices.

Bitcoin’s top 100 ‘dustiest’ wallets contain over $88M in BTC

More than $88 million is held in the top 100 Bitcoin wallets, which are classified as containing a “minuscule amount” of BTC.

Ether could outperform Bitcoin after spot ETF launch: Kaiko

According to Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas, the highly-anticipated Ethereum ETFs could launch in the United States by July 23.

US military partner Constellation opens Hypergraph network to app developers

The “Layer 0” network was created in collaboration with the United States Department of Defense and is now open for commercial Web3 applications.

Time for altseason? Analysts say altcoin market is near ‘momentum bottom’

Altcoin prices have been in a rut, but a key alteason indicator hints that the “strongest wave” is yet to come.

Crypto stocks surge alongside Bitcoin price rally

Crypto stocks’ strong performance was largely attributed to growing bets that Donald Trump will win the presidential election.

SEC requests final S-1 submissions for Ether ETF launch

According to Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas, the SEC has directed issuers to submit their final S-1 filings by July 16, with the aim of launching the new Ether funds on July 23.

Consumers find more use cases onchain, devs face challenges: Solana Foundation

Decentralized finance is becoming more things to more people. That’s not easy to do.

Donald Trump picks crypto-friendly JD Vance as running mate

The Ohio senator reported holding up to $250,000 worth of Bitcoin in 2022 and has supported specific pro-crypto legislation.

Bitcoin weekly funding rate reflects investor caution, yet BTC price pushes higher

Bitcoin trades above $63,000 but the futures weekly funding rate shows pro traders are cautious.

Elon Musk’s X could face $200M EU fines over alleged DSA violations: Law Decoded

Elon Musk’s social media platform, X, is under scrutiny for alleged DSA violations, with potential fines reaching $200 million.

Bitcoin conference organizer to raise $15M for Trump campaign: Report

The reported fundraiser will come after the Republican National Convention, in which delegates are expected to nominate Donald Trump as the party’s presidential candidate.

Price analysis 7/15: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, TON, DOGE, ADA

Bitcoin and altcoin traders set their sight on new all-time highs now that BTC price is back above $63,000.

BlackRock’s Larry Fink says he was wrong, calls Bitcoin digital gold

BlackRock, the world’s biggest hedge fund, currently has $10.6 trillion in assets under management and the largest Bitcoin investment fund.

BTC price demands $63K flip as BlackRock CEO calls Bitcoin ‘legitimate’

BTC price holds its weekend gains as Larry Fink confirms that he is no longer a Bitcoin “skeptic.”

Tether hires Chainalysis’ chief economist for USDT usage reports

Tether has appointed Philip Gradwell as head of economics to improve transparency on USDT usage to regulators.

DePin Helium Mobile releases first post-roadmap progress update

Decentralized physical infrastructure networks represented the fourth-most profitable sector for investors in the first half of 2024.

Filipino artists hacked to promote XRP scam

Ben&Ben, a nine-piece pop band with over three million YouTube followers, started live-streaming a fraudulent XRP advertisement.