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Hollywood union deal with music giants guards against AI use

The proposed agreement with record labels mandates consent and compensation before releasing songs featuring digital replicas of artists’ voices.

Coinbase requests interlocutory appeal over SEC's 'controlling question'

Crypto exchange Coinbase argued that a question of law is controlling if its resolution could “significantly affect the conduct of the action.”

Winklevoss twins become co-owners of Bitcoin soccer club, inject $4.5M BTC

The Winklevoss twins are on board with Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack's vision to take Real Bedford FC to the English Premier League.

Bitcoin price preps for new highs according to increasing stablecoin issuance data

Stablecoin market caps are rising, hinting that traders believe Bitcoin price will soon follow.

China has a Trojan Horse in US Bitcoin mining infrastructure

China holds an alarming amount of power over Bitcoin miners in the United States. Congress should act to scale back the country's influence.

'China is about to start bidding' — Will Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs spark the halving rally?

Mega whales with over 10,000 BTC are accumulating ahead of Hong Kong’s approval of the first spot Bitcoin ETFs that could happen next week.

VeChain announces tokenized gloves in partnership with UFC — community responds

The new gloves will contain NFC chips that track fight data and provide blockchain evidence that they are genuine.

Crypto Biz: Tokenization spikes, SEC delays Bitcoin ETF options, and more

This week’s Crypto Biz explores the rise of tokenization markets, PayPal’s stablecoin, SushiSwap’s move to a “Labs model,” and the U.S. SEC’s decision to defer Bitcoin ETF options.

Bitcoin price falls to $65K as $400M crypto market liquidation rocks BTC and altcoins

Bitcoin price sees sharp sell-off as today’s downside move liquidates heaps of BTC and altcoin traders who were caught offside.

Bitcoin falls to new lows as stock markets correct — Did something break?

The crypto market sees a sharp correction as the U.S. stock market waves some concerning red flags.

BingX exchange openly supports Iranian users, defying sanctions

A Telegram admin for BingX claims that the exchange “has no problem with Iranian users, and it is even possible to authenticate with a national card.”

Binance Labs shifts focus to Bitcoin DeFi, MarginFi sees $200M of outflows: Finance Redefined

Solana-based DeFi protocol MarginFi saw hundreds of millions in outflows after its CEO rage-quit amid growing controversies and accusations of failed promises.

Price analysis 4/12: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, DOGE, TON, ADA, AVAX, SHIB

Bitcoin's correction deepened as BTC price fell to $65,000, and altcoins were hit with double-digit losses.

Software engineer sentenced to three years in prison for Nirvana hack

Shakeeb Ahmed was a technical lead for Amazon when he hacked smart contracts on at least two DEXes.

Paris Blockchain Week recap: Optimism abounded as the Bitcoin halving approaches

From Tim Draper's $250K BTC prediction to Ubisoft’s newest web3 game, Paris Blockchain Week didn’t disappoint.

Billionaire’s suit over scam crypto ads on Meta dismissed in Australia

Andrew Forrest’s image was used in an ad promoting crypto scams. He has another suit against Meta in a California district court.

Bitcoin price takes liquidity near $69K as gold surge rattles markets

Bitcoin fails to follow gold to new all-time highs into the end of the week with BTC price momentum instead heading toward $69,000.

Sam Altman pushes ChatGPT mass adoption among Fortune 500 companies: Report

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman hosted hundreds of executives from Fortune 500 companies to pitch AI services to diversify revenue streams and tap into new markets.

Bitcoin returns “too significant to ignore” for world’s retirement plans

“Bitcoin now has a place at the table alongside gold, farmland and other alternative assets”— something unthinkable five years ago.

Blockchain and AI: Redefining authorship in publishing

The CEO of Booksie, Sol Nasisi, spoke with Cointelegraph about a future he envisions where blockchain and AI empower authors and work together to reimagine book ownership.

US gov’t among states with largest Bitcoin holdings — Arkham

According to Arkham, the U.S. government holds 212,847 BTC, while the treasuries of the U.K. and Germany hold 61,245 BTC and 49,858 BTC, respectively.

Trader hits $6M pay dirt after spending $8K on Ethereum memecoin

On-chain data shows that the Ethereum trader has already transferred the tokens to another crypto wallet.

Bitcoin options expiry worth $1.5B sets $69K max pain price

Can Bitcoin price maintain above its weekly resistance of $69,000 after Friday’s options expiry?

BlackRock smashes $10.5T record in Q1 managed assets

BlackRock’s $76 billion quarterly long-term net inflows already account for nearly 40% of its full-year 2023 levels.

Bitcoin whales in accumulation phase, with BTC halving just a week away

The Bitcoin halving is scheduled for April 20, reducing the BTC block reward to 3.125 BTC per block.

BTC price inches from new surge at $71K — Bitcoin Pi Cycle Top metric

Bitcoin is consolidating immediately below a key bull market breakout level, which sparked the rapid run to all-time highs in both 2017 and 2020.

Australian regulators bust unlicensed blockchain mining companies

ASIC launched civil proceedings against two Australian cryptocurrency firms, NGS and DCA Capital, following a collapse as investors are still owed over $160 million.

UK watchdog worries about tech giants’ AI market control

The regulator acknowledges tech partnerships’ potential benefits but warns against dominant ones, which could harm competition.

Crypto on-ramps and off-ramps, explained

The distinction between crypto on-ramps and off-ramps pertains to the conversion of money. On-ramps convert fiat into crypto, whereas off-ramps are the opposite.

Fraud victims want China to recover $4.3B worth of Bitcoin seized by UK police

United Kingdom authorities found 61,000 BTC when they raided a house rented by money launderers in 2021.