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‘New nine’ Spot Bitcoin ETF volumes reach new daily high as BTC nears $55K

BlackRock’s IBIT made up more than 50% of the daily trading volume and even smashed its own daily record by more than 30%.

Price analysis 2/26: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, ADA, AVAX, DOGE

Bitcoin targets new highs above $55,000. Will altcoins follow?

The Dencun Upgrade is not enough to scale Ethereum

Network capacity is a growing issue for Ethereum. The Dencun upgrade may help, but the broader solution lies in multi-chain solutions — appchains and rollups.

Chinese ministry posts warning about fake digital yuan app

The app differs from the official version in subtle ways and steals users’ money and sensitive information.

4 reasons why Ethereum is finally topping out versus Bitcoin

The ETH/BTC pair is showing weakness today. Cointelegraph explains why.

Appellate court rejects new trial for ‘My Big Coin’ founder

Three judges rejected arguments that a court violated Randall Crater’s Sixth Amendment rights and included testimony from a crypto expert he claimed was unqualified.

Do Kwon to be extradited to the US, CZ’s passports seized: Law Decoded

The Terraform Labs co-founder, who has been in Montenegro since his arrest in March 2023, will reportedly be extradited to the United States to face fraud charges.

FSB will standardize global incident reporting for institutions with crypto

The proposed reporting format is part of the international agency’s support for the G20 crypto asset roadmap adopted last year.

Deadline looms for Hong Kong crypto exchanges to apply for licensing

Crypto exchanges in the special administrative region must apply for licensing before Feb. 29.

Ethereum price holds $3.1K as ETH futures open interest nears an all-time high

Ethereum futures open interest soars to $10.6 billion as investor excitement for a spot ETH ETF approval increases.

All in Bits to launch governance blockchain ahead of Cosmos Hub fork

Dueling visions from estranged co-founders Jae Kwon and Ethan Buchman could test the limits of decentralization.

Crypto users could ‘make a difference in a close election’ in the US — CoinFlip CEO

U.S. presidential candidates have won or lost key states by as little as 11,000 votes, giving crypto users the chance to “move the needle one or two points,” according to Ben Weiss.

Bitcoin hits 2-year high as crypto fund inflow nears $600M

Inflows to crypto investment products nearly topped $600 million and reflect traders’ growing interest in Bitcoin and altcoins.

AI tokens rally amid Nvidia’s breakout earnings

Demand for AI has soared this year, with some experts labeling the adoption of the technology as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

ZK-proofs introduce security challenges for developers

ZK-proofs are marketed as a miracle cure for many of blockchain’s ills, but some less discussed side effects are introducing fresh risks.

MicroStrategy adds 3k BTC as Bitcoin ETFs are poised to surpass gold ETFs

MicroStrategy’s acquisition follows predictions that Bitcoin ETFs could surpass Gold ETFs in assets under management, during the next two years.

How can crypto firms bridge the gap with traditional finance?

While there have been some small steps forward, the worlds of crypto and traditional finance are still oceans apart.

Pyth Network launches real-time market data on Hedera

More than 400 Pyth price feeds will be launched on the open-source, proof-of-stake public ledger Hedera.

Avail closes $27 million seed round led by Founders Fund, Dragonfly

Avail aims to use these funds to solve the fragmentation issues of the Web3 industry.

PUBG publisher taps Circle to integrate in-game wallet on a new metaverse

Circle will provide an in-game wallet and USDC payout support for gaming creators of the metaverse game Overdare.

Meta to combat generative-AI abuse ahead of EU parliament elections

Meta outlines its strategy to combat the misuse of generative AI in content on its platforms ahead of the European Parliament elections in June 2024.

Dechat accidentally shares ‘honeypot’ scam link in token announcement

The initial post was rapidly amended following ZachXBT’s discovery.

KyberSwap hacker bridges $2.5M in stolen funds to Ethereum

A wallet address linked to the KyberSwap exploiter was seen transferring $2.5 million from Arbitrum to Ethereum.

Crypto exchange BitForex halts withdrawals, stops responding to users

A Hong Kong-based crypto exchange has suspended withdrawals for at least three days without warning.

Saudi Arabia launches ‘cultural’ metaverse to celebrate founding day

The Saudi government’s Cultural Universe metaverse initiative takes a user through the long history of Saudi Arabia dating back to 1727.

US-based OANDA gets green light to offer crypto trading in the UK

OANDA’s new crypto platform will offer 63 crypto trading pairs to begin with and will expand its services further.

Blockchain game Shrapnel to permaban users found playing the system

Shrapnel warned users against using “teaming” and “account sharing” strategies to rank higher on the Shrapnel STX leaderboard.

‘Pre-halving top’ due soon? 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week

Bitcoin has slowed down into the end of February, and BTC price predictions have broadly lost their bullish slant.

Bitcoin miner Riot says chip shortage, climate-focused regs are risks to profit

As part of its annual report’s risk disclosures section, Riot Platforms said it expects to continue paying “higher than usual” costs for ASIC miners until the chip crisis is resolved.

RiskOnBlast suspected to be first rug pull on Blast after $1M presale

The GambleFi platform raised 420 ETH for a presale token but those funds have now disappeared.