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Nima Capital goes dark after dumping 9M SYN tokens, community calls it VC rug

The VC firm had received a grant from the project in return for locking $40 million worth of liquidity in SYN.

Cronos Labs begins recruitment phase for $100M accelerator program

Cronos tapped Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, CertiK, PeckShield and various other firms to participate as mentors in the accelerator program.

Vitalik Buterin on fix for Ethereum centralization — make running nodes easier

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin says node centralization is one of Ethereum's main challenges but the perfect solution may not come for another 20 years.

Micro $3 Bitcoin miners won’t make bank, but that’s not the point: Inventors

Pocket-sized Bitcoin miners are a stand against the “secrecy and exclusivity” of the Bitcoin mining industry, according to their inventors.

Grayscale victory, SEC delays decision on Bitcoin ETFs: Law Decoded

Grayscale victory doesn't help Bitocoin spot ETF approval on first deadline as SEC postpones decison to next deadline.

Failure to tax the metaverse ‘will create a tax haven’ — Harvard legal expert

Harvard scholar Christine Kim writes that income and wealth in the metaverse should be subject to immediate taxation.

Bybit debuts AI-powered 'TradeGPT' for market analysis and data driven Q&A

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has released a free AI-powered trading assistant delivering insights from the platform’s market data.

Ronaldo teases NFT plans while on a lie detector test

Cristiano Ronaldo was asked if he currently owns any NFTs and if he plans to release more NFT collections.

OKX crypto exchange enters final stage of Hong Kong VASP license application

The Hong Kong regulators have only approved a handful of crypto exchanges to date that are permitted to offer crypto retail trading services.

99% of Nigerians are crypto aware - Consensys report

A survey featuring respondents from all seven continents of the world suggests that Nigeria has the most crypto-aware populace globally.

Indian central bank-backed NPCI begins blockchain recruitment

Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, France, BENELUX countries, Nepal and the UK have adopted the NPCI's UPI payments system in varying degrees.

London Stock Exchange to create traditional assets trading platform on blockchain

The LSE Group has been exploring how blockchain can improve traditional asset trading, according to an executive.

Artbitrum founder says Stylus is a game changer for EVMs

The Arbitrum-building Offchain Labs co-founder Ed Felten said its new tool would allow more seasoned devs to build EVMs, possibly making them safer.

Shibarium hits 1M wallets amid meteoric growth, SHIB yet to catch up

Shibarium network activity has soared despite the price of SHIB falling more than 20% since the tumultuous launch of the layer-2 network.

Shibarium hits 1M wallets amid meteoric growth, SHIB yet to catch up

Shibarium network activity has soared despite the price of SHIB falling more than 20% since the tumultuous launch of the layer-2 network.

Web3’s Swiss Army knife of personal finance Changex joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

Changex combines crypto trading and lending with traditional banking features that also include an upcoming Visa debit card.

SEC delays BTC ETF decision, Grayscale triumphs SEC, and BitBoy gets the boot: Hodler’s Digest, Aug 27 – Sept 2

Keep track of Grayscale’s victory over the SEC, Ben Armstrong getting the boot and delays for spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Attorney outlines Ripple-SEC settlement path amid Coinbase case impact

Deaton clarified that even if an appeal were possible in such a situation, the agency's authority would be diminished.

How Web3 can prevent Hollywood strikes - Replay joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

Hollywood strikes echoed the unbalanced value distribution in the streaming video industry — blockchain can change that.

Whale Alert sparks speculation as XRP transfers surge

This substantial move has sparked speculation about its potential impact and its proximity to the $1 price point.

MakerDAO co-founder proposes fork of Solana codebase for native chain

Rune Christensen stated that Solana’s codebase should be the foundation of MakerDAO’s upcoming blockchain, as he highlighted that it’s optimized for building “highly efficient blockchains.”

Balancer protocol exploited for $900K as DeFi hacks mount: Finance Redefined

DeFi exploits resulted in losses of over $16 million in August.

Polygon makes new sidechain developer stack opensource, supporting ZK-powered Layer 2s on Ethereum

Polygon’s Chain Development Kit allows developers to freely build, customize and deploy layer 2 chains connected to the wider Ethereum ecosystem.

Brazilian crypto streamer loses $50K by accidentally exposing private key

The risks of cryptocurrency self-custody are real and should not be underestimated as the private key can be stolen, destructed or lost.

FBI report warns against 'Infamous Chisel' - new malware targeting crypto wallets

The FBI and the UK’s GCHQ published a joint report warning users about a new malware called “Infamous Chisel” which targets Android devices.

StarkWare, Herodotus launch tech to verify data from any point in Ethereum's history

Storage Proofs could prove useful for services like account recovery tapping into the ability to access and verify historical Ethereum data.

Exploits, hacks and scams stole almost $1B in 2023: Report

Cybersecurity firm CertiK reported that as of August, over $997 million was lost to flash loan attacks, exit scams and exploits in 2023.

Coinbase vs SEC: New attorney Patrick V. Kennedy joins fight

Attorney Patrick V. Kennedy files a motion to appear pro hac vice in the Coinbase vs. U.S. SEC lawsuit for the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

UK's Travel Rule comes into effect, could halt certain crypto transfers

The crypto Travel Rule, which came into effect on Sept. 1, aims to stop anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing activities carried out on-chain.

Thailand’s national airdrop, Delio users screwed, Vietnam top crypto country: Asia Express

Thailand to give every citizen 10,000 Baht in crypto, Delio users unlikely to recover all funds, Vietnam is world’s No.1 country for crypto.