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80,000 Bitcoin millionaires wiped out in the great crypto crash of 2022

The crypto crash has seen the number of Bitcoin millionaires decline by more than 75% since November last year.

OpenSea data breach causes massive leak of users' email addresses

The NFT marketplace noted that it has reported the incident to law enforcement officials and that an inquiry is underway.

Contagion: Genesis faces huge losses, BlockFi's $1B loan, Celsius's risky model

A leaked investor call from Morgan Creek Digital suggests BlockFi liquidated 3AC for $1 billion, while Celsius reportedly maintained a highly risky assets-to-equity ratio last year that may have caused its recent liquidity woes.

Cardano's Vasil hard fork proposal submitted: Countdown commences

From July 3 the four-week window for application developers and exchanges to test the upcoming Cardano upgrade begins before it's launched onto the mainnet.

Stratis (STRAX) gains 200%+ after Sky Dream Mall metaverse and stablecoin announcement

STRAX price bucked the market-wide bearish downtrend by rallying 200% after the team unveiled plans for a British pound stablecoin and a new metaverse.

Ronaldo partners with Binance: Nifty Newsletter, June 22–28

Eminem and Snoop Dogg switched between themselves and their Bored Ape Yacht Club characters in their newest music video.

Taiwan central bank governor considers interest-free CBDC design to prevent fiat deposit flight

"Neither of the current CBDCs in circulation, such as the Sand Dollar and the digital yuan, accrue interest on deposits," said Yang.

Polkadot's founder announces steps toward full decentralization with new governance model

Gavin Wood said that he seeks to transform the Polkadot blockchain into a full technocracy.

Better than Axie Infinity: Kieran Warwick’s 2032 plan for Illuvium

Governments, enterprise, gaming: Who will drive the next crypto bull run?

With all the recent turbulence in the crypto space, the question of the moment is: What will drive the next crypto bull run?

Lending network enables transparent credit history in Africa via blockchain partnership

Creditcoin Founder Tae Oh said the partnership brings them closer to their goal of giving the unbanked a fairer shot.

VTB sealed the first deal with digital financial assets in Russia

VTB Factoring acquires a tokenized debt pool of industrial companies via the Lighthouse blockchain.

Flipside Crypto launches NFTs to pull multi-chain data

Flipside Crypto co-founder and CEO Dave Balter stated the NFTs will save users the trouble of having to “manage nodes, complex data pipelines or petabyte-scale databases.”

Bitcoin Lightning Network developer updates node software with Taproot support

The latest software release, named lnd 0.15 beta (v0.15-beta), aims to empower developers to create solutions for more use cases by leveraging the Bitcoin network’s capabilities.

Bitcoin advocate criticized for backing wallet authentication project

After being swarmed by critics, Bitcoin advocate Nic Carter asked crypto Twitter to unfollow him if they disagree with any of his investments.

Trader puts faith in crypto despite the failed first investment

Despite his initial losses in trading, JC Enriquez still strongly believes that crypto will bring him more profit in the years to come.

Bear market will last until crypto apps are actually useful: Mark Cuban

The billionaire investor said a bigger focus on applications and utility outside of finance would bring more back to the crypto space and possibly reverse the declining market.

MakerDAO looks to invest $500M into ‘minimal risk’ treasuries and bonds

The DAO intends to generate yield with its native DAI stablecoin via traditional investments in US treasuries and possibly even corporate bonds.

Battle-hardened Ronin bridge to Axie reopens following $600M hack

The Ronin bridge tied to Axie Infinity is back up with a new design after Sky Mavis introduced a circuit breaker system and daily withdrawal limits.

Bitcoin miner Mawson to defer all major capital expenditures until market conditions normalize

The bear market is affecting all segments of the crypto industry, including Bitcoin miners, which have seen their revenues decline sharply this year.