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Is Dogecoin only starting its big rally after 70% weekly gains?

Dogecoin whales have been actively increasing their DOGE holdings ahead of the anticipated April Bitcoin halving event.

FTX issues warning on authorized bids and asset sales

The former exchange explained that when the FTX Debtors sell locked digital assets, the terms and conditions governing the schedule for unlocking the holdings would still stand.

No-code blockchain development, explained

No-code blockchain development represents a transformative approach that fosters creativity, accessibility and inclusivity in the blockchain ecosystem.

Nigeria denies report of $10B Binance fine

Bayo Onanuga, an adviser to the Nigerian president, said no decision had been made about a fine on the crypto exchange.

Indonesia mulling changes to dual taxation on crypto: Report

The Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency of Indonesia has urged a reevaluation of the country's 0.1% capital gains tax and 0.11% VAT on crypto transactions.

US energy officials agree to 'destroy' all data from crypto mining survey

The Texas Blockchain Council and Bitcoin mining firm Riot Platforms claimed that the survey had political motives and posed a threat to innovation and economic growth in the United States.

Crypto Biz: Blockchain B2B trending, Telegram’s new ad platform, and more

This week’s Crypto Biz examines concerns over chip shortages and sustainability issues for crypto miners, Telegram’s new ad platform, Kraken’s expansion into institutional investors, and more.

Don’t rule out algorithmic stablecoins, Crypto Council tells Hong Kong

The CCI assessed the HKMA’s proposed stablecoin regulations and suggested moderation and acceptance of innovation.

Solana gains 34.5% in a week, and network metrics support further gains

Can SOL sustain the momentum after breaking above a 23-month high? Decentralized application volumes surged, but there’s a catch.

Experts say OpenAI in ‘precarious position,’ ‘might become next WeWork’

Elon Musk’s lawsuit over OpenAI’s for-profit pivot has prompted fears the company could be unraveling.

$200M lost to hacks in 2024, Shido token plummets 94%: Finance Redefined

Over $200 million worth of cryptocurrency has been lost to hacks and rug pulls in 32 individual incidents so far this year.

Bitcoin layer 2s among catalysts of this bull cycle, Bitcoin OG says

The emerging Bitcoin layer-2 sector will be one of the main narratives driving BTC’s price to unprecedented highs in this bull cycle, says Bitcoin OG Dan Held.

Scientists use WiFi signals to track human movement for the metaverse

WiFi sensing makes it possible to track movement in the dark and through walls.

Coinbase introduces embedded, smart wallets for developers

The crypto exchange is expanding its wallet-as-a-service offerings, addressing developers’ pain points when building Web3 applications.

Bitcoin analyst PlanB predicts 10 months of ‘face melting fomo’

PlanB’s bull market signal flashed as Bitcoin price was trading firmly above the $62,000 mark.

Bitcoin metric repeats bull move that saw up to 1,900% BTC price gains

BTC price action delivering $180,000 this cycle just became more of a reality, according to the Bitcoin Williams%R Oscillator.

What the Bitcoin halving means for BTC mining centralization

There are concerns that the halving may be bad news for mining decentralization.

Token release revision fails to halt Starknet’s declining activity

Over a week into Starknet’s colossal airdrop event, daily active users and transaction count have returned to the baseline.

What is OTC crypto trading, and how does it work?

Explore the world of crypto OTC trading — a discreet and flexible alternative to traditional exchanges, offering privacy and tailored transactions for savvy investors.

Euro-denominated Bitcoin futures will bolster institutional adoption — CME director

The CME has already doubled its average daily Bitcoin trading volume since 2023, its executive director told Cointelegraph in an exclusive interview.