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Bitcoin bull run ‘getting interesting’ as BTC price hits 6-week high

Bitcoin price performance is taking in increasingly higher resistance levels as July gains could top 20%.

Solana Spaces store to bring 100K people to Solana per month — CEO Vibhu Norby

The new shop entertained about 400 crypto-curious guests on opening day, and hopes to host even more as other stores are opened across the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Solana-based stablecoin NIRV drops 85% following $3.5M exploit

The $3.5 million flash loan attack Solana-based Nirvana Finance saw the price of its stablecoin NIRV and native token ANA fall around 85% apiece.

$1.26B in Ethereum options expire on Friday and bulls are ready to push ETH price higher

Ether's (ETH) 53% rally between July 13 and 18 gave bulls an edge in July's $1.26 billion monthly options expiry. The move happened as Ethereum developers set a tentative date for the "Merge," a transition out of the burdensome proof-of-work (PoW) mining mechanism.

Ether USD price index, 12-hour chart. Source: TradingView

According to some analysts, by removing the additional ETH issuing used to finance the energy cost required on traditional mining consensus, Ether could finally achieve the "ultra-sound money" status.

Whether or not sound monetary policy revolves around constantly changing the issuing and burning rules remains an open question, but there's no doubt that the Ethereum developers' video call on July 14 helped to catapult ETH price.

On July 26, a sudden dramatic spike in Ethereum network active addresses raised multiple speculations about whether Ether is targeting its previous all-time high. Analytics firm Santiment reported that the number of 24-hour daily active addresses reached 1.06 million, breaking the previous 718,000 high set back in 2018. Theories such as "Binance doing a maintenance sweep" emerged, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The main victims of Ether's impressive 20% recovery on July 27 were leveraged bearish traders (shorts) who faced $335 million in aggregate liquidations at derivatives exchanges, according to data from Coinglass.

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Crypto use in emerging markets driven by necessity: KuCoin Labs head

Key differences in the use and development of cryptocurrencies come to the fore as Blockchain Economy Istanbul continues to focus on emerging markets.

Bitcoin rallies after Fed interest rate hike, but bears can still win Friday’s $1.76B options expiry

BTC bears aim for a $360 million profit in July 29’s $1.76 billion monthly options expiry, but the FOMC interest rate decision could play a decisive factor.

Is the end of this crypto winter in sight? | Find out now on Market Talks with Ted Warren and Mark Yusko

Join us as we discuss this and other topics with Tim Warren, co-host of Coffee N Crypto, and Mark Yusko.

After weeks of rumors, Thai crypto exchange Zipmex files for bankruptcy in Singapore

It appears the firm's fortune took a turn to the worst via its exposure to troubled crypto lending service Babel Finance.

Bitcoin price battles $23K as data says US in 'technical recession'

The United States GDP readout for Q2 meets the definition of a recession, despite comments from both the Fed and lawmakers.

Tokenomics not Ponzi-nomics: Influencing behavior, making money

Economics is the study of human behavior involving scarce resources — and the effects those behaviors have on those resources, explains Roderick McKinley.

Tokenomics in crypto is a related but different field. Tokens are a way for projects to raise funds and build communities, and designing the way they work can be much more complex than traditional equity raises — and potentially much more problematic.

“In tokenomics, the token or digital asset is the scarce resource. But we can now design features for these programmable digital assets, influencing how people behave and interact with each other, often creating new possibilities for exchange altogether,” McKinley says. He explains the distribution of tokens and the outcomes of that distribution are key matters for investors and for how the business ends up operating.

Roderick McKinley

McKinley has worked on a range of different projects, including ParallelChain, GBC AI, Avarta, Fluid, ShopX, Terona and Kasta. But what is it that a tokenomics expert provides to projects?

“I typically deliver a range of services to projects. These include a design of the token’s supply alongside other economic features that make the token useful, so it attracts demand, helping clients to understand how to use the technology in ways that fit their business and, finally, how to make a compelling fundraising case,” he says.

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Condense to live stream IRL events into the metaverse

Metaverse infrastructure company Condense closes $4.5M seed round with plans to live stream real-world events into the metaverse.

Decentralized storage providers power the Web3 economy, but adoption still underway

Decentralized storage providers are proving to be the backbone of Web3, but what does this mean for centralized web service providers?

How to build your first blockchain on Substrate?

Setting up your development environment is the first step in starting with Substrate. After this, developers can create a small network of validators by updating the runtime code for a node and then gradually scale it up.

Binance jumps into NFT ticketing after UEFA League fiasco

Binance collaborated with Società Sportiva Lazio to launch NFT tickets for all of the sports club’s home matches at Stadio Olimpico.

Lido DAO: Ethereum’s biggest Merge staker soars 400% in July — but technicals flash warning

Lido DAO (LDO) price has skyrocketed by roughly 400% month-to-date to reach $2.22 on July 28, its highest level in over two months.

LDO Mergified

LDO price has benefited majorly due to its association with Ethereum, the leading smart contract platform by total-value-locked (TVL) and market capitalization.

Notably, LDO serves as a governance token inside the Lido DAO ecosystem, a project that offers staking services for Ethereum.

The staking practice allows users to earn passive income without needing to sell their coins. It also helps validate transactions and secure the blockchain. In return, the protocol offers stakers rewards in the form of new tokens minted and fees collected.

Lido DAO working mechanism. Source: Official Website

Ethereum could become a full-fledged proof-of-stake blockchain by Sept. 19, the tentative date for the Merge. A successful transition to proof-of-stake could mean more demand for Lido DAO services in the future.

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Crypto mining still profitable in the long-term, expert says

Steve Bassi said that a long-term holder may do well mining in the short run and then selling when the block reward goes down in 2024.

Bitcoin ‘bear market rally continues’ after BTC price jumps to $23.4K

Bitcoin (BTC) consolidated higher into July 28 after United States monetary policy changes fueled optimism in risk assets.

BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView

Fed hike instils fresh crypto optimism

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD climbing to highs of $23,452 on Bitstamp overnight.

The pair had reacted strongly to the latest Federal Reserve key rate hike, despite this conforming to market predictions. Subsequent comments from Fed Chair Jerome Powell added to the breakout’s momentum.

“I think the reason this is providing some relief to the equity market is the Fed is acknowledging that there can be an impact on growth, to the economy, based on their policy,” Gargi Chaudhuri, head of asset management giant BlackRock’s iShares investment strategy Americas, told CNBC:

“They’re recognizing there are two sides of this — there’s a growth tradeoff to fight inflation. The recognition is something we heard today that we didn’t hear before.”

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Critic of Bitcoin’s ‘one-percenters’ still positive about future of digital assets

A financial professor is skeptical about Bitcoin's design but is still very much involved in crypto research and is bullish about the future of digital assets.

Critique on Helium’s $6.5K monthly revenue causes a stir

The “complete lack of end-user demand for Helium should not have come as a surprise,” noted Web3 critic Liron Shapira.