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THETA, LIDO, KLAY and EGLD flash bullish signs as Bitcoin recaptures $23K

The cryptocurrency markets and the United States equities markets witnessed profit-booking this week as the macroeconomic data hinted toward continued rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. Bitcoin (BTC) is down more than 4% and the S&P 500 fell 2.7% to record its worst week of the year. 

The CME FedWatch Tool shows a 73% probability of a 25 basis points rate hike by the Fed in the March meeting but after the hotter-than-expected inflation readings in two weeks, the probability of a 50 basis point rate hike has started to slowly gain traction.

Crypto market data daily view. Source: Coin360

During periods of uncertainty, some coins enter a deeper correction while a few buck the trend and continue to outperform. Hence, it becomes important to select the right coins to trade.

A few coins that have witnessed a shallow correction or have bounced sharply off the support have been selected in this list. Let’s see their charts and determine the levels to watch out for.


Bitcoin plunged below the 20-day exponential moving average ($23,391) on Feb. 24 but the bears could not build upon this advantage and sustain the price below the strong support at $22,800.

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Bitcoin may only need 4 weeks to hit $30K as key monthly close looms

Bitcoin (BTC) sought to end the week above $23,000 into the Feb. 26 close as concerns heightened over stubborn resistance.

BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView

BTC price bulls keep faith in $30,000

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD reaching $23,318 on the day, up $600 from its weekend lows.

The latest move marked a modest comeback after a grim week for risk assets which saw United States equities suffer thanks to above-expected inflation data.

Despite that, Bitcoin still remained below levels flagged by analysts as important to reclaim before the end of the month.

Only isolated voices remained optimistic, these including popular trader Kaleo, who maintained that $30,000 remained a BTC price “magnet.”

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How to create an IT strategy for your business

To create an IT strategy, define goals, assess infrastructure, identify needs, develop a budget and roadmap, and implement and monitor.

Top 7 cybersecurity jobs in high demand

Discover the top seven cybersecurity jobs in high demand: from security analyst to information security manager and more.

Uniswap DAO debate shows devs still struggle to secure cross-chain bridges

Developers face tradeoffs between making bridges upgradeable to fix bugs versus making them decentralized.

Voyager is selling crypto assets through Coinbase, suggests on-chain data

Since Feb. 14, Voyager has sent crypto assets to Coinbase on an almost daily basis, alleges on-chain analyst Lookonchain.

SBF’s new charges, Shapella’s fork date and emojis as financial advice: Hodler’s Digest, Feb. 19-25

Top Stories This Week

Unsealed superseding indictment against Sam Bankman-Fried includes 12 criminal charges

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) was charged on four new criminal counts by a federal judge presiding over his case. According to a superseding indictment, there are now 12 criminal charges against Bankman-Fried, including eight conspiracy charges related to fraud as well as four charges of wire fraud and securities fraud. In an attempt to possibly modify his bail terms, Bankman-Fried’s attorneys will hire a security expert to assist the federal judge overseeing his fraud case. The technical expert will help the judge navigate issues regarding encrypted messages, privacy-focused messaging apps and VPNs.

Ethereum Shapella upgrade gets new date, making way for un-staking ETH

Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko announced the blockchain’s Shapella upgrade is scheduled for Feb. 28. The Shapella network upgrade will activate on the Sepolia network at epoch 56832. Major changes to the consensus layer include full and partial withdrawals for validators and independent state and block historical accumulators, replacing the original singular historical roots. After the Sepolia fork, the next step would be the release of the Shanghai upgrade on the Ethereum Goerli test network, planned for March.

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SBF’s new charges, Shapella’s fork date and emojis as financial advice: Hodler’s Digest, Feb. 19-25

Top Stories This Week Unsealed superseding indictment against Sam Bankman-Fried includes 12 criminal charges Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) was charged on four new criminal counts by a federal judge presiding over his case. According to a superseding indictment, there are now 12 criminal charges against Bankman-Fried, including eight conspiracy charges related to fraud […]

An overview of peer-to-peer ridesharing using blockchain

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Pharma companies team up with DeSci to accelerate scientific research

Pfizer is now the first big pharma to participate in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Solana faces slowdown in block production, network restarted

The issue is linked to the recent network upgrade from 1.13 to 1.14, which slowed block finalization.

How to hire a blockchain developer in 5 easy steps

Blockchain developer jobs involve designing, developing and deploying decentralized applications, creating smart contracts and more.

Bitcoin price tumbles to 10-day lows as ‘Notorious B.I.D.’ keeps support at $22.5K

Bitcoin (BTC) threatened to ditch $23,000 as support on Feb. 25 as an ongoing price correction strengthened into the weekend.

BTC/USD 1-day candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView

BTC price support inches lower

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD attempting to decide the fate of the $23,000 mark on the day.

The pair had lost almost $1,000 on Feb. 24, ending the week in a limp position along with United States equities while the dollar gained.

With “out-of-hours” trading now in place until Monday, chances for thinner liquidity to spark more pronounced moves heightened.

Analyzing the state of the Binance order book, monitoring resource Material Indicators confirmed the continued existence of a major line of bid support informally known as the “Notorious B.I.D.” and “great wall.”

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Bitcoin on-chain data highlights key similarities between the 2019 and 2023 BTC price rally

Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent price rally from $16,500 to $25,000 can be attributed to a short squeeze in the futures market and recent macroeconomic improvements. However, while prices increased, data suggests that many interested buyers (including whales) were left on the sidelines. 

The recent rally to $25,000 shared many similarities with the 2019 bear market rally, which saw a 330% surge in Bitcoin’s price to highs around $14,000 from the November 2019 low at $3,250. Recently, the BTC/USD pair rose 60% from its November 2022 low.

On-chain and market indicators relative to the 2019 rally are sending mixed signals on whether or not Bitcoin's rally will continue. Nevertheless, there are strong reasons to believe that the market has reached a crucial turning point where it can either turn into a full-fledged bull market or slump back into a long-term bear trend.

Let’s look at the top five indicators to understand the current price dynamic relative to the 2019 bull run.

Bitcoin tackles historical trading levels

Bitcoin’s price surpassed the 200-day moving average (MA) at $19,600, which could encourage paper traders looking to open a long position. Historically, this metric has acted as a bull-bear pivot line, with breakouts above it being bullish and vice versa.

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Recycle to earn, a new frontier for blockchain technology towards ESG goals

At the European Blockchain Convention, Circularr won the award for blockchain startup of the year. Recycling with blockchain was the pitch.

5 ways CBDCs could impact the global financial system

CBDCs could revolutionize the financial system by increasing efficiency, transparency and financial inclusion while reducing the use of cash.

Bitcoin price stays under $24K as PCE data helps US dollar to near 7-week highs

Bitcoin (BTC) stayed lower at the Feb. 24 Wall Street open as United States macroeconomic data showed inflation biting back.

BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView

PCE sparks fresh doubts on inflation

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView followed BTC/USD as it traded in a narrowing range around $23,800.

The pair attempted to reclaim $24,500 the day prior, but it ultimately proved unsuccessful, as resistance kept gains in check.

Bitcoin nonetheless saw only a muted reaction to the latest U.S. Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) index print, which was 4.7% instead of the 4.3% forecast — suggesting that inflation was not ebbing as quickly as hoped.

For popular commentator Tedtalksmacro, this will cause the Federal Reserve to consider a larger interest rate hike at its March meeting — a potential headwind for risk assets including crypto.

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Crypto and blockchain education becomes priority at top universities

As crypto adoption rises, more universities are offering crypto courses.

NFT Steez and Victor Solomon discuss building in Web3 and the metaverse

This week NFT Steez spoke to award-winning artist Victor Solomon about basketball, the metaverse, Web3 and his unique NFT collection.

Bitcoin price continues to fall, but derivatives data hints at a short-term rally to $25K

It’s possible that many people have already forgotten that Bitcoin’s (BTC) price closed 2022 at $16,529 and the recent rebound and rejection at the $25,000 level could raise concern among certain investors. Bears are pushing back at the $25,000 level and there has been multiple failed attempts at the level between Feb. 16 and Feb. 21. Currently, it looks like the $23,500 resistance is continuing to gain strength with every retest. 

Pinpointing the rationale behind Bitcoin’s 45.5% year-to-date gain is not apparent, but part of it comes from the United States Federal Reserve’s inability to curb inflation while raising interest rates to its highest level in 15 years. The unintended consequence is higher government debt repayments and this adds further pressure to the budget deficit.

It’s virtually impossible to predict when the Fed will change its stance, but as the debt to gross domestic product ratio surpasses 128, it should not take longer than 18 months. At some point, the value of the U.S. dollar itself could become endangered due to extreme debt leverage.

On Feb. 23, the Fed, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued a joint statement encouraging U.S. banks that rely on funding from the crypto sector to prevent liquidity runs by maintaining strong risk management practices. Regulators said the report was spurred by “recent events” in the industry due to increased volatility risks.

Let's look at derivatives metrics to better understand how professional traders are positioned in the current market conditions.

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