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Web2 adoption key to Metaverse success, Klaytn Foundation founder — KBW 2022

“Even though it's hard, adapting Web3 technologies to Web2 platforms could be a way to bring mass adoption,” says Klaytn Foundation director Sam Seo.

Vitalik: Crypto payments will 'make sense' as tx costs fall to mere cents — KBW 2022

“It's a vision that has been, I think, forgotten a little bit and I think one of the reasons why it has been forgotten is basically because it got priced out of the market,” Vitalik Buterin said.

Aurora Labs exec details 'fascinating and devious' crypto scam he almost fell for

A sharp-eyed escrow agent and a screenshot saved Aurora Labs' head of product Matt Henderson from losing his tokens to scammers.

Once-hacked for $77M, Beanstalk's algo stablecoin protocol relaunches

Beanstalk Farms stablecoin protocol was relaunched on Aug. 6 with the team working to hopefully reclaim the $100 million market cap of its BEAN stablecoin prior to the hack in April.

What is Chainlink VRF and how does it work?

Using the provably fair and verifiable random number generator provided by Chainlink VRF, smart contracts can access random values without compromising security or usability.

What is a decentralized money market and how does it work?

Decentralized money markets function without a custodian, allowing only the original user to withdraw funds deposited by lenders and borrowers.

What will cryptocurrency look like in 2027? Here are 5 predictions

One year isn’t enough time to witness many fundamental changes, but five years is just enough for everything to change.

Nonfungible tokens don't live on the blockchain, experts say

Jonathan Victor noted that storing data off-chain doesn't mean it's centralized. It's still decentralized when it's done thoughtfully.

Antminer S19 XP dropped in a bid to swing crypto miners back into profit

Phil Harvey said that this type of miner can typically last a minimum of 36 months in a facility operated by their crypto firm Sabre56.

Experts find private keys on Slope servers, still puzzled over access

Blockchain analysis firms involved in Solana exploit investigation unpack the latest developments as teams try to figure out how private keys were stolen.

Nomad announces $190 million bounty for lost funds from recent hack

Nomad announced that it’s offering up to a 10% bounty to return funds stolen from the recent hack on the Nomad bridge on Aug. 2.

Solana-hacked crypto could be claimed as a tax loss: Experts

Australian, Canadian & U.K. crypto investors may potentially claim hacked crypto as a tax loss, but U.S. investors will miss out, according to tax experts.

Meta enables Instagram NFT integration in over 100 countries

Mark Zuckerberg's company, which posted a sharp loss in its Metaverse division in Q2, unveiled its digital asset expansion strategy on May 10, 2022.

Worthless JPEGs: Redditor turns NFT criticism into NFTs

One Reddit user collected quotes from NFT haters on the internet and famous skeptics like Warren Buffet, Peter Schiff and Dan Olson.

Self-custody isn’t for everyone: WisdomTree exec on ‘be your own bank’

As self-custody puts a lot of responsibility on a user, many may find it way too uncomfortable or too hard to handle.

Senator Warren proposes reducing Wall Street's involvement in crypto

Warren's letter urges OCC to collaborate with Fed and FDIC to develop an alternative cryptocurrency approach “that adequately protects consumers and the safety and soundness of the banking system.”

Nansen admits neglecting DeFi plans during the NFT craze

Nansen has registered over 130 million addresses and has grown 30% despite the crypto downturn in 2022.

Major hacks in play-to-earn crypto games a ‘matter of time’ — Report

According to a cybersecurity auditing firm, GameFi projects are putting "profits above security" and pose a great risk to the projects and its users.

Swiping left: Tinder pulls back on Metaverse dating plans

Disappointing financial results have seen Tinder lay off its current CEO, slash funding to metaverse development, and ditch plans for its virtual currency Tinder Coins.

$2B in crypto stolen from cross-chain bridges this year: Chainalysis

The $190 million Nomad Bridge exploit is just the latest out of 13 separate bridge attacks in 2022 so far.

Chinese municipal bank issues first-ever digital yuan loan using intellectual property as collateral

The unnamed recipient of the loan said the e-CNY transaction was fast and efficient; they received an equivalent of 500,000 CNY, which was $74,020 at the time of publication.

GitHub faces widespread malware attacks affecting projects, including crypto

The developer who found the vulnerability requested developers to sign their revisions with the GPG key to ensure all their revisions on the project can be verified.

Is it a good time to buy nonfungible tokens? Expert answers

Ahren Posthumus said that it’s indeed a good time to buy but cautioned investors to double-check projects before putting their money into them.

Nomad reportedly ignored security vulnerability that led to $190M exploit

The altcoins that were stolen in the Nomad bridge hack suffered as much as 94% decline in price after the exploit.

Solana wallets 'compromised and abandoned’ as users warned of scam solutions

Solana users have been urged to move their funds to cold storage and be alert to possible scams after a major exploit of thousands of wallets sees more than $8 million stolen.

What are crypto pump and dump groups? Are they legal?

Self-organized teams that support crypto scams on Discord or Telegram are not illegal in the crypto market except in regulated exchanges.

Binance, KuCoin, OKX CEOs flex security amid Solana FUD storm

Parallel to the ongoing investigations of the Solana fiasco, CZ warned investors of “an active security incident on Solana” that drained funds in SOL and USDC off over 7000 wallets.