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Bitcoin uses more renewable energy, but will Tesla accept it again?

Tesla removed Bitcoin payments citing environmental concerns, but Elon Musk pledged to reinstate them if renewable energy use on the network increased.

Gary Gensler could ‘literally cost Joe Biden the election’ — Mark Cuban

The billionaire investor also intimated that any political aspirations Gensler had would amount to nothing due to the SEC chairman’s stance against cryptocurrency

Crypto startup funding eclipses $100B

The $100 billion mark took just 10 years with the bulk raised since the COVID-19 pandemic.

ETH, TON, UNI, and XMR could rally if Bitcoin clears $68,000

Bitcoin price needs to rise above $68,000 to sustain buying in ETH, TON, UNI, and XMR.

Europe’s crypto industry can ‘sleep better at night’ with new parliament

The European elections have formed a new EU Parliament that will rule for the next five years.

Ethereum’s Pectra upgrade: Key risks identified in Report

According to a new report by Liquid Collective and Obol, Ethereum’s Pectra upgrade in 2025 poses significant risks, including concerns over client, operator, and cloud diversity.

Curve CEO clears up UwU Lend hack, CRV burn misinformation

The Curve CEO clarifies misinformation about the UwU Lend hack and CRV token burn, outlining preventative measures and repayment of bad debt.

Donald Trump vows to end Joe Biden’s ‘war on crypto’

United States presidential candidate Donald Trump reiterated his intention to take a more favorable stance toward cryptocurrency than the current Biden administration.

Bitcoin whale watching is 'useless' for information — Traders

Bitcoin whale watching is “good for social media” but not for valuable analysis, according to traders.

Binance co-founder beseeches Elon Musk to address cryptocurrency scams on X

According to Yi He, “a significant amount of money” was lost when users were tricked by an impersonation scam.

Musk promises ban on Apple, Greenpeace calls for Bitcoin’s PoS, and other news: Hodler’s Digest, June 9-15

Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices if they integrate with ChatGPT, Greenpeace calls for a shift in Bitcoin’s consensus mechanism, and more.

OpenAI reportedly considering shift to for-profit as CEO stacks board

The reported discussions come as the company adds a former NSA director to its board.

Deutsche Telekom announces Bitcoin mining plans at BTC Prague

Deutsche Telekom’s plans and Web3 expansion follow its recently established position as a validator on’s decentralized blockchain.

Vitalik Buterin endorses TiTok AI for onchain image storage

TiTok AI, a new method for efficient onchain image compression, could be a useful tool for blockchain applications.

Bitcoin bounces at 1-month lows — Watch these BTC price levels next

Bitcoin hodlers' realized price levels are the ones to watch if established support at $65,000 fails to hold, says the latest BTC price analysis.

Fake Federal employees target crypto investors: CISA warns

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) warns of a surge in impersonation scams targeting crypto investors.

How to use blockchain and smart contracts in procurement

Discover the transformative power of blockchain and smart contracts in revolutionizing procurement processes, enhancing transparency and streamlining supply chain management.

Spot Ethereum ETFs may begin trading by July 2 — Bloomberg analyst

Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas says his “best guess as of now” is that spot Ether ETFs will begin trading in the United States before July 2.

Australian securities exchange approves its first spot Bitcoin ETF

The Australian Securities Exchange has approved the VanEck Bitcoin ETF to start trading on June 20.

Curve Finance's Michael Egorov says $10M in bad debt fully paid

The founder reassured the Curve community that he was "committed to building Curve more than ever," following a hack attempt.

Bitcoin bank proposal gains momentum in El Salvador

The Bank for Private Investment will “diversify the financing options” available to investors in both Dollars and Bitcoin.

Home miners may benefit from NiceHash, Marathon Digital collaboration

The new NiceHash firmware will combine the advantages of two products.

Mining execs establish organization to influence US crypto voters

A board member of the Bitcoin Voter Project described the group as nonpartisan and planned to take a different approach than initiatives like Stand With Crypto.

Crypto Biz: Riot Platforms and Bitfarms dispute escalates

This week’s Crypto Biz explores the corporate battle between Riot Platforms and Bitfarms, Tether’s $1 billion budget for startups, Ripple Labs’ new custodian deal, and more.

Former Binance CEO 'CZ' owns 64% of BNB circulating supply — Report

Forbes estimates Zhao's net worth at a staggering $61 billion—ranking the former CEO as the world's 24th richest person.

Uniswap Labs’ Crypto: The Game set for Emmy Award consideration

Crypto meets reality TV in a hit online game just scooped by Uniswap.

Crypto hack losses hit $19B, Terraform Labs shuts down: Finance Redefined

Nearly $19 billion worth of digital assets have been lost to exploits in the past 13 years, with $2.9 billion stolen in the largest single crypto theft.

3 reasons why $65K marks the bottom for Bitcoin

Bitcoin's resilience amid price drops indicates strengthening support at the $65,000 level.

3 reasons why Bitcoin analysts believe BTC price recovery is overdue

Bitcoin price data strongly suggests that the current BTC price correction is a buy-the-dip opportunity.

Gemini reaches $50M settlement with New York AG over Earn program

Gemini Trust said that affected Earn users could expect “100% of the assets owed to them” within seven days.