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Turkey releases first-phase digital lira project evaluation report

The digital Turkish lira is set to be an intermediated CBDC with self-sovereign identity and offline transfers.

Starknet airdrop largely successful despite controversies

The protocol's total diluted market capitalization has since surpassed $20 billion.

Bitcoin futures open interest near ‘alarm raising’ $24B level — Are bulls at risk?

BTC futures open interest approaches a record high and today’s sharp sell-off triggered alarm from traders.

Oxford economist who predicted crypto going mainstream says ‘quantum economics’ is next

David Orrell literally wrote the book on Quantum Economics.

Hong Kong regulator issues guidance letters to institutions on tokenization, custody

The two letters, each several pages long, mainly urge common sense and adherence to widely accepted standards.

Alex Mashinsky waives right to ‘conflict-free representation’ after concerns about lawyers

Former FTX CEO Bankman-Fried is scheduled to return to court on Feb. 21 for a similar hearing regarding potential conflicts of interest in his legal representation.

$56M moved from defunct exchange after executives fled: Report

The Atom Asset Exchange had over 2 million registered accounts prior to its collapse in November 2022.

Coinbase earnings suggest strong year ahead, though challenges abound

Coinbase's quarterly earnings report released last week indicated the company is well-positioned to tap into a number of growing revenue streams.

ChatGPT can write smart contracts; just don’t use it as a security auditor

Researchers from Salus Security tested GPT-4 and other artificial intelligence systems’ ability to detect seven common security vulnerabilities.

BTC price spikes to $53K, but resistance catches up with Bitcoin bulls

Bitcoin bulls see swift rejection after attempting to break a week-long BTC price trading range, while open interest remains above $22 billion.

Bitcoin ETFs will drive institutional adoption and company growth: Crystal CEO Navin Gupta

Crystal Intelligence CEO Navin Gupta said ETFs could bring more institutional trust and crypto-friendly regulation.

Lawyer running to unseat Elizabeth Warren doesn’t mention crypto in campaign launch

Senator Elizabeth Warren reportedly called for donations for her 2024 reelection by calling John Deaton a “big cheerleader for crypto interests” ahead his campaign launch.

MetaMask boosts security with alerts for 30M users on major chains

The noncustodial wallet started working on the security alert feature in April 2023 and integrated it with Ethereum mainnet in January 2024.

DeFi Devs get real-time Bitcoin ETF data with Pyth Network

Pyth Network introduces Bitcoin ETF price feeds to allow DeFi developers access to real-time market data, bridging the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance.

Foreign crypto exchanges in India face uncertain future

India banned crypto exchanges that didn’t comply with FIU guidelines, but market experts point to a lack of regulatory clarity and high taxation, forcing crypto traders to rush to foreign exchanges.

Web3 Gamer: Sweatcoin says shaking is faking, MotoDEX review, Gods Unchained 2024

Shaking your Sweatcoin fitness app won’t lead to millions, MotoDEX review, Gods Unchained 2024 roadmap, WAX on Web2 gaming studios, and more.

AI-generated fake IDs confound crypto exchange KYC measures

AI is escalating the challenge of deepfake frauds in digital identity verification, potentially reshaping cybersecurity.

Starknet’s STRK hits $7 on Binance as millions of tokens claimed on airdrop day

Eligible Starknet token recipients claimed million of tokens as the Ethereum layer-2 opened its provisions portal to distribute its native token.

Ethereum (ETH) price hits $3K for the first time since 2022

Ethereum price topped $3,000, a level not seen in more than 22 months.

OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo receives stealth update for 2023

OpenAI’s most advanced commercial AI model, GTP-4 Turbo, has been quietly updated to a data training set as recently as December 2023 without any public announcement from the company.

Sports Illustrated moves NFT ticketing platform to Avalanche

SI Tickets CEO David Lane explained that while normal tickets end up in the trash, NFT tickets could bring more experiences to holders and opportunities for event organizers.

Concerns mount over Ethena USDe’s promise of 27% yield following mainnet launch

The attractive yield opportunity is causing widespread concern in the crypto community.

Decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN), explained

DePIN reimagines traditional infrastructure by leveraging decentralized technologies to create resilient, efficient and community-driven systems across various domains.

Microsoft pours $2B into AI infrastructure development in Spain

Microsoft continues its European investment spree by announcing a $2 billion investment in Spain to expand its AI and cloud infrastructure and build data centers.

EU remains skeptical of crypto investments despite Bitcoin ETF fever — VanEck Europe CEO

European investors are still warming to the idea of cryptocurrency-related investment products while U.S. institutions continue to drive capital into nascent spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Animoca, Polygon-backed Humanity Protocol launches ZKP-powered palm recognition

Humanity Protocol aims to bolster Web3 adoption through its privacy-oriented identity verification solution.

Bitcoin holdings on Coinbase reach lowest level since 2015 as whales withdraw $1B BTC

A few users on X believe the movement of funds indicates a supply shock prior to the halving, while others pointed out that whales are just moving funds to OTC desks or other custodians.

Bitcoin feels lack of ETF flows as Ether price fights to reclaim $3K

Bitcoin treads water while Ether price strength takes over, helping the largest altcoin challenge the $3,000 mark for the first time in nearly two years.

Polygon-based lending platform to provide crypto liquidity for luxury items

Altr adviser Davide Rovelli believes that asset tokenization could give an extra layer of security to a sector where “transparency was never the strength.”

Mumbai metaverse initiative showcases city's infrastructure revolution

The Mumbai Metropolis Metaverse will help citizens virtually monitor the progress of the megaprojects around the city that impact their day-to-day lives.