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Bitcoin analysts forecast BTC price drop to $50K before parabolic run begins

A handful of Bitcoin analysts now believe BTC price is headed below $50,000. Cointelegraph explores why.

President of Jump Crypto steps down

Kanav Kariya announced his resignation amid reports of a pending investigation into Jump Crypto’s activities and several incidents dating back to 2022.

Bitcoin derivatives turn bearish as traders anticipate sub $60K BTC price

Bitcoin derivatives data suggests that macroeconomic and crypto-specific factors are behind BTC’s recent drop below $60,000.

SEC drops investigation into Ethereum: Law Decoded

A letter from Consensys states that the SEC’s approval of spot Ether exchange-traded funds indicated that it had “updated its position to classify ETH as a commodity and not a security,” but not everyone agrees.

Louisiana’s new crypto law protects node operators, bans CBDC

The U.S. state of Louisiana has updated its legislation to ban the use of central bank digital currencies and establish rules for digital asset miners and node operators.

European Central Bank releases first CBDC progress update

The ECB promised pseudonymization and independent audits of the CBDC system to calm consumer fears of tracking.

How DePIN is poised to disrupt the cloud computing industry: Report

Cointelegraph Research uncovers how DePIN networks and SwanChain’s ecosystem are changing the cloud computing industry.

Bitcoin ‘whale games’ come early as BTC price swoons below $60K

BTC price weakness delivers seven-week lows as whale “spoofing” across order books creates grim conditions for Bitcoin bulls.

Price analysis 6/24: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, TON, DOGE, ADA

Bitcoin price descends to $60,000, but will traders buy the dip in BTC and altcoins?

Chief author behind President Biden’s crypto EO rejoins administration

Carole House left her position as a crypto adviser at the New York State Department of Financial Services to rejoin the White House in an election year.

Big banks rush in to test ECB’s wholesale distributed ledger tech

The new participants in the European Central Bank’s DLT tests include major financial institutions.

Why is Bitcoin DeFi blooming? Developers share their insights

Experts say that the lack of base yield and fragmented liquidity have made Bitcoin DeFi a challenging environment to navigate.

Blockchain developer warns of centralization risks as crypto AI race intensifies

The Kip Web3 AI base layer previously closed an undisclosed funding round from Animoca Brands in April.

Crypto investment products see $584M outflow as Bitcoin descends to $60K

Apprehension over a delay in interest rate cuts, a strengthening DXY and softness in Bitcoin price back the $584 million outflow in crypto investment products.

Are market makers manipulating 78% of new crypto listings?

One formula indicates that up to 78% of new token listings since April 2024 have been conducted badly. Why do market makers seem to be indifferent?

MetalCore Closed Beta 3 introduces NFTs and Web3 integration

MetalCore’s CB3 launches on June 27. It integrates NFTs and SHARDS, a new offchain currency, and aims to appeal to both Web2 and Web3 gamers.

4-week correction for Bitcoin? Mt. Gox, Germany gov't add sell-pressure

Bitcoin price risks a potential fall below $60,000, due to Mt. Gox repayments and Germany's government selling its 50,000 BTC.

Riot seeks three Bitfarms board members, says it holds 14.9% stake

The mining firm said it intended to replace Bitfarms board members — including its interim CEO — with three people “completely independent” of both companies.

Nvidia launches in Middle East amid US AI export clampdown: Report

Nvidia partners with Qatari telecom provider Ooredoo to bring advanced AI technology to the Middle East, marking a significant expansion amid U.S. export restrictions.

Bitcoin miner Hut 8 lands $150M investment amid AI boom

Coatue Management invested $150 million in the Bitcoin miner Hut 8 Corp. due to its capability to power generative AI applications with its high-performance computing.

Why are traders shorting Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy?

Short sellers are targeting MicroStrategy stock, but what is the reasoning behind it?

Tether halts USDT minting on EOS and Algorand

Tether discontinues support for the EOS and Algorand implementations of its flagship stablecoin USDT.

Coinbase is the most impersonated crypto brand by scammers: Report

Although Coinbase continues to be the most impersonated brand in the crypto industry, Meta was targeted by over 25 times as many scammers as the exchange.

Web3 gaming is ‘rocket ship’ ready to blast off, say industry execs

The Decentralize with Cointelegraph podcast interviews gaming executives from five Web3 projects to learn everything there is to know about blockchain games.

Ether restaking’s biggest risk is lack of understanding around asset looping — Haven1

Ether restaking is a “robust financial tool,” but investors need to understand the number of loops they are adding.

CoinShares secures 116% return from FTX claim sale

CoinShares will reinvest $39.78 million from the sale of its FTX claim into growth opportunities and enhanced client services.

TON ecosystem flooded with phishing attacks, SlowMist warns

The founder of SlowMist has warned that the Telegram messenger ecosystem is “too free” for exploiters of the TON ecosystem.

Mt. Gox trustee to start Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash repayments in July

After a decade of anticipation, July might finally bring restitution to the users of the now-defunct Mt. Gox exchange.

Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction fees plummet to lowest level in 7 months

In 2024, Bitcoin transaction fees have stayed relatively low, particularly since the April Bitcoin halving, which reduced the BTC mining reward by half.

Can $60K BTC price support hold? 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week

Bitcoin sentiment is taking a serious beating after BTC price weakness sees six-week lows return.